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October 28th, 2020

Stripe's eco-friendly launch

Sell a product, save the world? Stripe has introduced Stripe Climate, which allows merchants to set aside a fraction of their revenue to scale emerging carbon removal technologies.

This seems like a natural (no pun intended) move for Stripe who pledged last year to pay per year at least $1M towards carbon removal. Since then, they’ve been scouting some interesting projects, including Climeworks that launched earlier this year.

Their landing page goes into detail on what constitutes as ‘emerging carbon removal tech,’ noting their preference for permanent carbon removal versus traditional carbon offset programs.

Right now, Stripe Climate is only open to US-based Stripe users but they’re looking to expand the program internationally. As a merchant, you can let customers know about your commitment with a spiffy badge embedded on checkout - a great visual, especially if your audience is eco-conscious.

Stripe Climate joins an influx of eco-friendly products we’ve recently seen join the community:

🚘 Aerial 4 helps you automatically track your carbon footprint. Their public beta is available on iOS.

💚Greenlist challenges your team to make sustainable choices through Slack.

📗Neutral’s monthly subscription allows you to offset your carbon emissions with a program of your choice.

🌳Treecard is a wooden, zero-fee, top-up debit card that uses interchange fee profits towards reforestation.

🛒EcoCart is a chrome extension that automatically plants trees while you shop online.

As a Stripe merchant, will you try out Stripe Climate? Let us know 👇

Learn about Stripe Climate

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