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October 26th, 2020

Google’s no-code solution

Yesterday, Google officially announced the integration of AppSheet into its tools.

AppSheet is Google Cloud’s no-code development platform which allows you to create powerful apps without code. It will be part of the Google Workspace family, which recently brought together Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Chat, and more (and was responsible for some notable icon changes). 👀

Google acquired AppSheet at the beginning of this year. Similar to other no-code platforms, it uses machine learning to analyze data from a spreadsheet and build a prototype app without users needing to know code.

However, it isn’t the only no-code platform that was released this year — flashback to when we covered the AWS no-code app builder. Amazon’s Honeycode is a great contender with its drag-and-drop interface and similar ease of use.

Both products are robust platforms that require no-code, carry a friendly UI, and allow for real-time deployment. There are of course many other awesome no-code tools that do similar things: Retool, Thunkable, Webflow, Candu, Airtable, or even Internal.

Which no-code platform do you plan on testing out? AppSheet or Honeycode?

Check out AppSheet

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