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February 13th, 2019

Get calm via email. Wait what?

What's next for email? Keeping you calm, apparently. 😌

Consider, an email client designed to keep you calm, launched on Product Hunt yesterday to a warm welcome. A little on the app's backstory:

“We started Consider because we're fans of email. We like that email doesn’t interrupt you. And that subject lines keep threads focused. And we love that anyone can email anyone else. But email has its problems, problems that we are all too familiar with.” - Consider Maker, Ben McRedmond

The problems he's referencing are checking your email a hundred times a day and never getting to (0) in your inbox. 😬

So how does Consider *actually* make things calmer?

Consider uses “Digests,” which means you'll receive email in three batches each day (at times you choose). However, your most important email contacts skip digests so you won't miss the really important stuff. Consider also uses “Precise Notifications” for things that absolutely can't wait. And it lets you block or mute automated senders. 🙏

Some initial thoughts from the PH community:

“The digests feature has saved me from myself - got into a really bad habit of checking email every few minutes with other clients “ - Simon

“I pretty much love anything that validates how long email has been around, and how long it's gonna stay around. Thanks for building a good thing for email, y'all!” - Josh

“It keeps different kinds of work inside the inbox, so I'm more organized with more peace of mind to a space that is historically hectic.” - Megan

Important to note: This blissful email experience will cost you $14/month. 🤑

More ways you can get to inbox zero *bliss*:

💌 Polymail

💌 Leave Me Alone

💌 Newton Mail

💌 Superhuman

💌 TL;DR for Apple Watch

💌 Boxy Suite

Inbox calm

Product News! 😻

InVision acquired file versioning startup Trunk. Tim Cook backed a shower system and it is sleeeek. Eight Sleep launched a bed that learns your perfect sleep temperature. This autonomous trucking startup became a unicorn. Fiverr acquired ClearVoice to level up its content marketing. Qloo acquired cultural recommendation service TasteDive. And there's now a Chrome extension that helps you learn a new language through Netflix.

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