Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

A warmer, more powerful shower system from Nebia

Nebia 2.0 is 29% warmer than Nebia 1.0 and it has an even more powerful spray. It also comes in two new finishes: Matte Black and Matte Silver.

Early bird pricing on Kickstarter still up:

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We are incredibly excited to announce the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 and the Nebia Shelf. Nebia Spa Shower 2.0: After delivering 16,000 units of Nebia 1.0, and saving 100 million gallons of water, we are excited to introduce the next step. We’ve been working on this for a while now. We’ve taken hundreds of test showers in the office, and spoken with thousands of customers. We optimized the spray experience and have now received five patents. Nebia 2.0 is 29% warmer than Nebia 1.0, it offers 2X the body coverage of standard showers, and the droplets travel at 3X the speed compared to standard showers. We’ve also re-engineered our custom pressure regulator so that Nebia works in homes with below average water pressure. A huge upgrade for people who have generally low water pressure in their homes. The Nebia Shelf is our first accessory product. After visiting bathroom after bathroom we noticed that a surprisingly high number of people don’t have enough space in their shower to fit their products. They often leave their soaps and bottles on the floor, on the bathtub rim, or on flimsy shower caddies (with those awful suction cups). So we designed a shelf out of premium aluminum (one of the most recyclable materials on earth), and made it insanely easy to install (less than 1 minute, no screws) and incredibly effective at staying on the wall (thanks 3M for helping us!). The small details of your daily shower really matter, and can shape the whole experience. Our beta testers have been very excited about the shelf. We are too. This is Nebia 2.0, thank you for the support and interest!
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As a proud Nebia owner of both the 1.0 and 2.0 versions, I can confidently say the 2.0 improves upon the spa-like experience while still delivering superior water savings. My shower is not fully enclosed, so the warmer water in the 2.0 makes a big difference. I love knowing that I am supporting a sustainable future with my choice of shower!


Definitely warmer than the 1.0. Stronger spray without sacrificing spa feeling. Matching shelf makes my bathroom look awesome.


IMO, Nebia showers are best with an enclosed shower so that you get a relaxing “steam room” experience

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Matte Black, you have convinced me to order this!
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@aaronoleary 🙌 we had so many requests for this and it's been awesome to see the reaction to the matte black.
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Proud 1.0 owner here. Loving that you tested the new shower heads with Manny the Mannequin. He must be clean and warm!
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Will this be available in european showers? Showers that dont have that water outlet very high up (Eye height almost)
Nevermind.. found the answer on kickstarter.. it will not.
@mathiasarlund Actually it will, there will be a special adapter available, however check the delivery timeline, international nebias are scheduled for sep - nov delivery.
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@mathiasarlund We have developed an adapter kit for European style showers. We'll have an update about this on our KS page in the coming days. As @david_reinberger mentions international orders will be shipped after our orders in North America. This is because of different installation piping requirements and the need to do batch manufacturing. Really sorry about this. We do love our European backers. I'm half Spanish and have lots of family in Europe, so I also get heat for that.
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@mathiasarlund @david_reinberger Here is the spec sheet and some more information on our European Adapter Kit.
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@mathiasarlund @pwints28 I wanted to buy the shower, however the shipping costs outside US are kinda outrageous... 199 USD srsly? That is almost half of the retail price. Nevertheless I'll still buy it probably after the campaign ;), amazing piece of tech/engineering. However in EU a lot of us do have like a bath/shower and the shower connection is directly over the bath (roughly knee high), either make the connection longer or a standard (the same that goes to your shower head) one that could be replaced directly by users.