Create beautiful pitch decks that close deals

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Create stunning, professional presentations that close deals and help startups raise capital.

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They have created a new product with ± the same design and the same branding.


Good design, because it's not your design, theft.


This product is a copy/paste design from

Omg, that's a gross lame!
@tomerdi and @ryanhickmam, dear makers, your Slides looks identically or not with this product Slides 4?
@ryanhickmam @andrianv- Slides 4 to the best of my knowledge help build a website - we help makers and startup put the best pitch deck together, that does the job and the fastest, there are few companies names Slide out there but I do not think we do the same as slide4, As always thank you for your feedback
@ryanhickmam @tomerdi I'm not about the name, I'm about design and branding :) you know.
@christopher_podlaski One of the single most ignorant Left Brain statements I have ever heard. When you are imprisoned for stealing or fined for copyright infringement, remember your own words.
@tomerdi , I'm sorry but your explanation sounds like a BS.
Is it just me or... there's a lot of "inspiration" from 🤔 And I'm not just talking about using the framework (open-source?) that was created by's founder @hakimel & cie... ... I'm talking about word for word copy of's website. I'd be curious to hear the explanation...? PS: I'm not affiliated to, but I do use & love their product.
@hakimel @danbenoni this was my first thought as I saw it. Maybe it is the same product and @hakimel is trying some other marketing approach like A/B testing? Is it allowed to use revealJS like this or is some special license needed.
@danbenoni @serglotz I'm not affiliated with this product in any way. It's disappointing to see that they word for word copied text directly from our site.

going to redo my old deck


Easy to use design , every startup can use it and save to much time and money


should have built it 9 month ago when i was raising

I think there should be no place on Product Hunt for projects like this.


Really hard to find any.


This is clearly a rip-off of