An email client designed to keep you calm and focused

What's the role of email in today's world? Our answer: an email that leans into being asynchronous, that helps you focus on what's being said, and that embraces the myriad ways email is used.

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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I'm Ben. CEO at Consider. We started Consider because we're fans of email. We like that email doesn’t interrupt you. And that subject lines keep threads focused. And we love that anyone can email anyone else. But email has its problems, problems that we are all too familiar with. So we set out to build an email for today's world. What's different about today's world? Most importantly, email is no longer responsible for both real-time communication and slower, asynchronous communication. Slack has taken responsibility for the former. Which means we can finally focus email on what it's great at. And that's what Consider does. You shouldn't be checking your email a hundred times a day, so we invented Digests. With Digests, your less-important mails get added to the inbox three times a day in batches. It doesn't make sense for your phone to be lighting up all day, so we created Precise Notifications. Your inbox *is* a to-do list, we embrace that and let your own to-dos live alongside everything else. The result is an email client that is calmer, less noisy, and that lets you focus on getting your work done. This is just the start for us. We hope you'll check it out and join us on this journey. – Ben
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@benmcredmond Love your team's approach to email! Signed up for early access.
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@benmcredmond @_shahedk Also signed up. I'm currently in the Superhuman beta and would love to compare the two. Congrats on the launch and good luck!

Been beta testing for more than 6 months. The digests feature has saved me from myself - got into a really bad habit of checking email every few minutes with other clients (I'm sure others out there know that struggle!)


Love the segmented inbox so you can drown out the noise and focus on engaging async with your team.


Small bugs every now and then for a new product, but they're quick to resolve.

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Been beta testing it for about 3 months now


Love the digests. No unread state is amazing, Product evolving fast!! Haven't looked back.


Some of the conversation threading a little repetitive, but much easier to grok when they're separate threads.

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I pretty much love anything that validates how long email has been around, and how long it's gonna stay around. Thanks for building a good thing for email, y'all!
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I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the product by @benmcredmond . The product is beautiful and the team has put a ton of hard work into solving the hard problems of email. The UI is impeccable and super snappy. I'm excited for the product and happy that someone is thinking mindfully about our current communication overload ( Solving it with Digests etc) Congratulation on the launch Consider team.
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