A powerful version control platform for designers.

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#4 Product of the DayApril 05, 2018

Trunk is a powerful version control platform for designers. It makes collaborating on design projects seamless by letting designers focus on what matters most; creating great designs!

Trunk works with Sketch & Photoshop, with support for more apps coming soon.

We've just launched the Beta and it’s Free for individuals & teams!

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  • Michael HillCEO & Co-Founder of

    Trunk has brought order to the chaos of my team's designs. really intuitive design. Great collision detection.


    More notifications on 'commits'.

    Super slick product that has quickly become the dashboard for every design file my company works on. Haven't heard a single person ask where the latest file was since we started with Trunk.

    Michael Hill has used this product for one month.
  • André VenâncioCreative Technologist

    finally ending the photoshop_final_final_4real.psd naming


    nothing yet

    great idea!

    André Venâncio has used this product for one day.


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Marlon Wayne@m_rlons · Founder @ Impulse
Hey Chris! I love the idea and can't wait to try it out. How does it compare to Abstract? It certainly looks more lightweight!
Elliott RisbyMaker@elliottrisby · CEO & Co-Founder @ Trunk
@m_rlons Hey Marion. Awesome - we'd love your feedback on Trunk! Good question. Our take on version control is automating the version control process. As designers, we feel theres a lot going on already. That's why we automatically create the branches and have gone away from wording like 'merging' and 'pull requests'. Sure its important we have these concepts under the hood (which we do), but the feedback we've had so far from designers is that they enjoy our 'hands off approach' to helping the designers workflow.
Elliott RisbyMaker@elliottrisby · CEO & Co-Founder @ Trunk
Thanks @duellsy for hunting us! 👏 Today we are launching the Trunk Beta and opening it up to designers everywhere. We’re a small team in Sydney Australia that has been working on improving design collaboration, through version control. After 10+ years of working in the design industry, Trunk represents our accumulated experience and take on version control / design collaboration . The last few months we’ve gone from prototype to now releasing the first version of our app for individuals and teams. Talking of which, we’ve had some amazing teams like Anomaly, AKQA, RGA & Massive feeding back on Trunk - helping to shape the product, but we need your feedback! 😀 Trunk utilises Git under the hood. We’ve streamlined the Git workflow so that designers can still use these powerful features without getting too distracted from their day to day workflow. We want to support a designers workflow - not take over it. Trunk currently supports both Sketch and Photoshop(Alpha). Features include: - Supports Sketch & Photoshop files - Easily handle merge conflicts - Spaces for teams to organise projects - Share and comment on Sketch and Photoshop designs with others - Revert file history This is just the start for us - we are really looking forward to your feedback! Cheers, Elliott
djinoz@djinoz · Founder, Pointzi & StreetHawk
This looks like a great way for design teams to work on designs. How does it sit on top of shared drives like dropbox and google drive?
Elliott RisbyMaker@elliottrisby · CEO & Co-Founder @ Trunk
@djinoz Hey DJ! Good question. We are treating those intergrations as custom enterprise solutions for now. With Trunk we host the files remotely. Everything is backed up to the cloud daily and encrypted. Happy to chat more on this!
djinoz@djinoz · Founder, Pointzi & StreetHawk
@elliottrisby ok thanks, this is really well done!
Gautier Favier@g_favier · Product Designer 📍Sydney
Looks amazing guys. Well done 👏
Elliott RisbyMaker@elliottrisby · CEO & Co-Founder @ Trunk
@g_favier Hey thanks Gautier! Let us know how you go trying it out.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Will check it out 😊
Elliott RisbyMaker@elliottrisby · CEO & Co-Founder @ Trunk
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush!