A marketplace of simple to use no-code APIs

#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 13, 2019

We mix data-scraping and social media automation to build growth-hackers favorite tool. Our shop contains more than 60 actions (and new ones every week!).

Our goal: Let creative, non-technical people easily setup automatic and efficient growth strategies.

  • Pros: 

    They make it easy to do hard stuff. Love their UI Technical / Marketing team very helpful


    I would like to see more tutorial to build our own bots!

    I've used this several time to increase my social media reach, it works very well and anytime I would be stuck doing something, I would get help same day by the phantombuster team.

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  • Stephanie Tramicheck
    Stephanie TramicheckCountry Manager, France @Pinterest

    Constantly updated Easy to use Great support


    It is intimidating at first, but actually once you start, it's easy!

    Phantombuster means freedom for marketers. You don't need to code to do a lot of hacks. I've been using for over 3 months now. Their support is always answering and they keep on adding new APIs, which keeps on giving us more ideas of what we can do! Continue, guys, you are the future of marketing!

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Hello everyone 👋 We're very excited to introduce Phantombuster to the Product Hunt community. Our platform lets creative, non-technical people, setup complex automation strategies with one end-goal: growth. No more need for learning JS, hiring virtual assistants or interns. We want people to be able to leverage the full power or their web. Phantombuster made and maintains 70 APIs so far. These range from auto-connecting with a list of people on LinkedIn to extracting every members of a Facebook group, to auto-liking people having liked such or such hashtag on Insta to finding their Twitter handle and follow them on Twitter. Chain these actions and you'll have a complex growth-hacking strategy working for you while you focus on high added-value tasks. Here are 3 steps for you to reach the A-HA! moment: Step1: Create a Free Forever Account. Step2: Select an API and configure it. Step3: Click on launch, wait a few secs, and check out the resulting .csv file. You'll find yourself with a .csv (or .json) file filled with thousands of names, URLs, emails, etc. of followers of such or such influencer, of tweets related to a specific topic, of people you just unfollowed on Instagram, of messages you sent to prospects on just LinkedIn, of Facebook Profiles of people you found on Medium, etc. It's our first Product Hunt so we're eager to hearing your feedback. We asked Marty, Nathan, Medhi and Martin to stop coding (which they hate) to answer your every question, help you get setup and write down your ideas. You can also check-out our blog for more use-cases on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
@jukkez This is my most favorite tool 😍
@jukkez keep up the good work !
@jukkez While I can definitely see the value in this product I find it very sad that you do not take any responsibility in how your product will be used for. Mass auto-follow or auto-like is one of the things destroying social media today and you actually encourage such behavior. I would at least hope that you would write a "good practices" guide or some kind of code of ethics that users should adhere to when using the APIs. Finally, I guess you could have made a great product without focusing so much on shady growth hacking technics. I have to admit it seems very handy, but please consider getting away from spammers. ;)
Best tool ever!
PhantomBuster is my secret Growth weapon. I have been using it for over a year now, and it's amazing the value I've been able to get from it. My #1 usage? Getting upvotes & likes from Linkedin posts
@guillaumecabane That means a lot coming from you! Thank you 🙏🏻
@guillaumecabane Who knows the "likers" and "upvoters" on other side are also using Bots 😉
As cool as this is, isn't this probably against most of those social medias terms? I would worry this app would be shut down fast, or trimmed of all of it's utility, the second those networks realize what you are down. Basically allowing someone to spam their network. It just takes 1 bad apple user on Phantombuster to shut it all down. This seems really useful, at a glance, but I worry about the ethical side, and if it can actually last.
Hello @bluetidepro, Thanks for your comment. Phantombuster emulate human actions, nothing more. The next version of Phantombuster will be able to rate limit writing actions.
@guillaumeboiret ahhh okay, that's good to know. Yeah, it looks awesome, just had those concerns. Thanks for the reply!
I discovered Phantombuster a month ago and have found incredible utility for their API service set. Tutorials and docs are excellent for understanding how to manage rate limits on different social platforms. Phantombuster very quickly helped me find 110k target FB users and 84k twitter accounts!
@jed_ng Thanks Jed; We've definitely had the occasion to experiment quite a lot about many social networks' rate limits. For people interested in that topic, you can read it all in my Never Get Banned article:
@jed_ng Hey Jed. What do you with the FB users you identified? Do you simply target ads to them?
@portlandrebecca lots of things you can do. You can target ads, you can auto message them with a call to action.