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Big fan of what @jayswansson and team have built!
@blendahtom Thanks Tom! We really appreciate you hunting ClearVoice! Please let me know if anyone has any questions. We have a free 'Test Drive' / live sandbox environment live on the site if you're interested. We also have free content intelligence tools and a free creators marketplace. Thanks again.
@jayswansson Who and Why did you guys build this?
Our engineering team -- who I'm very proud to work with and who work their tails off -- of Robb Dorr, Mike Bernardez, Jeff Nappi, Anita Malik, Nate Mortensen and Joe Griffin (along with many others) have been building the platform for the the last year and a half. We built ClearVoice to give companies and marketers a NO barrier to entry -- tools, workflow and marketplace -- option for content marketing. We also wanted to build a completely transparent marketplace where companies and creators / influencers could collaborate and elastically scale their content marketing efforts and teams.
Tom, thanks so much! As you know, creating content is complex and many companies don't yet understand content marketing - we wanted to make that process dead simple, and enable scale for our customers. We've done our best to bring that toolset to the table, and as Jay referenced above, the integrated marketplace helps connect the right people together.
This product looks pretty amazing - but being unable to save an assignment and see it scheduled without upgrading to pro to add myself as a creator kind of defeats the purpose of exploring the product on a free plan. Do you run trials for Pro? At a big company, there are hoops one has to jump through to get budget for marketing tools, and without being able to truly test most of the features, it makes it difficult to consider pitching a tool like this next quarter when I can request budget for it. Just something to consider :) I find your platform to be capable of rivaling Buzzsumo so I will keep my eye on Clear Voice as a viable tool for content marketing.
Thank you Tori, and you are absolutely right about the Pro upgrade requirement when it comes to adding your own creator team. The pro features enable team collaboration internally and exporting in the content intelligence tools. We do have the ability to offer a free trial for Pro - I think we can integrate that messaging better. Regarding the free account, you can access the marketplace (we are adding some creative today to make that stand out more), and the content intelligence tools are totally free. I'm glad that you mentioned BuzzSumo. Our content tools offer access to similar data types like influencers and trending content. However, within ClearVoice you can activate on that data and create concepts, assignments, and start creating content with your team (Pro) or through the Marketplace (no SaaS fees only fees to cover transactions). We just converted you to a Pro trial! Would love any other feedback you can share. Your insights were spot on. Best, Joe