Boxy Suite

Beautiful Mac clients for Gmail and Google Calendar.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2018

Boxy Suite is a suite of beautiful Mac apps for Gmail and Google Calendar. They wrap and completely restyled the webapps, and they feature deep system integration and native features.

Boxy Suite also includes Dashboard, a 100% native status bar app to control and access all your accounts easily.

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Looks great and I was really looking forward to this product for last couple of weeks. As a heavy gmail user who never gotten stuck on various third party clients including, sparrow and such, I thought this had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the high price tag and the fact that it is a subscription service is just way off for me. Regardless if it is a wrapper or not, it still serves the same function and will pass for now.
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I hope it's coming to Setapp ;)
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Hi there Product Hunt! ​👋​ ​​ ​​A few years ago me and @frankdilo created Boxy, the best Mac client for Inbox by Gmail, and we’ve been increasingly frustrated by the lack of great Gmail and Google Calendar clients on the Mac. That’s why we decided to start working on this product. ​👨‍💻​ ​​ ​​We’re super excited to finally introduce Boxy Suite, which brings our attention to design and our experience with macOS development to the greatest email and calendar services out there, to turn them into beautiful Mac apps. ​💻​ ​​ ​​The Suite includes Boxy for Gmail and Boxy for Calendar. These clients wrap the Gmail and Calendar web apps and completely restyle them to match macOS UI conventions and make them much more responsive and compact. The clients also add native features on top, such as account management, themes and further customization options. ️​🔥​ ​​ ​​Boxy Suite also includes a 100% native app called Dashboard, which gives an overview of all your emails and calendar events, lets you quickly access the other apps of the suite, and functions as a notifications hub. We’ve been using this for months and we just could’t live without it. ​🙌​ ​​ ​​These are not Electron apps. We've built them with a custom stack based on WKWebView. It’s been a tough choice that presented us with many technical challenges, but in the end it allowed us to make the apps much more lightweight and performant. ​⚡​️ ​​ ​​Boxy Suite is now finally available for $49.99 per year. We thought a lot about monetization and we believe this is a fair price for a bundle of 3 apps with this feature-set. ​🙏​ ​​ ​​To implement and test monetization Paddle gave us huge help, so shout-out to them for being really awesome! And huge thanks to our early users for their help in testing the apps until now. We couldn’t have done it without you! ​💪​ ​​ ​​So, that’s it! Enjoy a 25% lifetime discount for early adopters, automatically applied when you visit the website! ​💸​
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@linuz90 I guess I have to ask, what happens when google kills inbox? Does boxy cease to exist? I manage 4 accounts in there on the minimal setting and going back to gmail feels like such a step back.
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@frantzlight I'm planning to create a Minimal theme for Boxy for Gmail, but right now we're focusing on core features and performance
@linuz90 Got it. Well, I'd pay $100/yr for Boxy to somehow continue living longer than Inbox but clearly Googs is going full Gmail right now, so maybe those Inbox features I love will eventually make their way into the product.
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@frankdilo @linuz90 No discount any more I'm guessing. The cost is...high.
Huge fan of Boxy for Twitter and Boxy 2 and was happy to shill out for the suite too until I saw the sub. I'll pay for a wrapper gladly when it's so beautifully executed – and to be clear Boxy apps feel native-esque. But paying every month? I don't know…
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nothing worth paying for


it would be fine for $5


expensive and literally a wrapper for a webpage