We've created Talk to Ri for techies to help them with English and communication at work πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Job interviews, presentations, small talks, integration into the multicultural team and many more .. πŸ‘€ And we have a 66% discount for Product Hunt!

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Heeey Product HuntπŸ˜ΈπŸš€ I am very excited to share Talk to Ri with all of you! Special thanks to @chrismessina! Talk to Ri is for tech specialists like me who love their job and who want to accomplish more❀️ It is for everyone in the tech industry who wants to communicate in English better, to grow as a leader and to make their workplace welcoming and inclusive. πŸ’‘ It all started when our CTO @peteychuk contacted me to discuss his ideas about the product for learning English. We both were previously involved in educational projects, so we knew that English and soft skills are essential if you want to enhance your career. We’ve started doing user interviews. The third person we talked to was @burdaiev who liked the idea so much that he joined the team as our Product Designer. 🧠 We put a lot of effort to find out what are the most common issues and problems people from the tech industry have. We confirmed our hypothesis that it’s not only about English, but also about communication skills, leadership, and feeling safe and accepted at work. Then we had some awesome time studying at Y Combinator Startup School. We learned from the founders of different countries and cultures how lack of communication in English and soft skills influences their work and growth. So it’s our first step to building what we dream of. We’ve built an app where you practice speaking English with virtual characters and get feedback on your pronunciation. You learn about job interviews, small talks, communication with your teammates and clients. πŸ”₯We offer a 66% discount for Product Hunt!! A lot more is coming, we plan to add video and audio lessons, including topics for all tech professions. Help us become better - share your feedback and ideas on what we can improve! And Talk to Ri! πŸ’˜
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I like that it's not just another English learning app. Going trough lessons you get embodied experience in different professional roles and see communication from different perspective. I think it might develop empathy in workspace.


Cool idea. Will use it to improve my speaking


Would love to have more lessons

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Good idea! Language is always this omnipresent barrier that will never truly go away, there needs to be more focus on this!
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@aaronoleary Thanks 😊
I was wondered how this app actually works β€” tested it at the burger bar and a waiter was surprised how good it recognized all of the words and highlighted mistakes 🀯
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@fruzenshtein It's magic 🀩
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Nice idea, it's not looks like line an "checklist" app like another ones. Good that you have many specializations, as for marketers it's very helpful. Good luck!


Very good! Simple, user-friendly, understandable.


Maybe, gamification? :)

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