A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

Mac App Golden Kitty 2015

Polymail is a simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac and iOS. With real-time read-receipts, personalized campaigns, follow-up reminders, contact profiles, and even Salesforce integrations all wrapped in a beautiful UI, Polymail makes your morning email grind effortless.

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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @nivo0o0, @bentossell from PH for helping us out! We started Polymail with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful native email experience across desktop and mobile. We’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of Mailbox’s design, but we also found that amazing tools like Email Tracking, Contact Profiles, and Scheduled Send were indispensable to our workflow. Today, we’re proud to announce that Polymail combines these great features with the same lightweight, seamless interface that you should expect from a native email client. We’ve chosen Mac OS X as our first destination, and we have iOS and Android apps in the works! Here’s a highlight of some of Polymail’s best features so far: - Per-Recipient Email Tracking - Contact Profiles + Relationship History - Read Later - Send Later - Undo Send - One-click Unsubscribe ***EDIT*** Thank you all for your amazing support! We're working hard to respond to each of you who reached out to us, and if you're interested in checking out Polymail - please sign up at https://polymail.io! We've also been nominated for Mac App of the Year for the Golden Kitty Awards 😻! Check out the runnings at https://www.producthunt.com/@gol...
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@foolywk please could you elaborate on "Per-Recipient Email Tracking"? How are you implementing that? (if I'm understanding it's use correctly). normally open tracking is done by invisible pixels; if I send an email to 4 people, how could you tell which person has opened it, if they're all going to be receiving the same tracking pixel?
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@foolywk Looking forward to an invite . The anticipation is killing me
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@_jacksmith @foolywk the per-recipient tracking got me off of gmail web with CRM and onto polymail
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@foolywk looking forward to an invite.. can't wait to try this. Love the fact that I can 'Send Later' and also do 'One-Click Unsubscribe'..
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@foolywk Would love to try it as well. It feels a bit like geeky christmas already.
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This is one product I absolutely love. I have been an alpha-tester for about a month now. It has a lot of useful features built-in, which earlier was possible only with third-party extensions on the browser. Having an all-in-one native beautiful app is better than trying to make it work on your browser. The design is fresh, clean, intuitive and useful. Love the Interactions and Attachments panels on the right. Let's you get more information about the sender and past conversations at a glance. Keyboard shortcuts are very very handy. Especially the Unsubscribe one. More than the product, I love the founders. They are very active on slack and take feedback very seriously. They fix bugs and implement new features really quick. Polymail has been my only email client for long enough to earn a spot at my dock. I see myself using it in the future. My recommendation : Get the app and try it out. Good luck to the folk @ Polymail.
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@ankushdharkar Thank you Ankush! We're honored to have earned a spot in your dock 💌
Very, very excited to try this. How does one get an invite??
I have been using Polymail for almost 4 weeks now and it’s already my default client. I hopped some 4-5 mail clients this year and didn’t find one that’s as simple as intuitive as Polymail. While it does not have all the features (they are adding them very fast), the founders are super nice and super fast. Twice, they fixed issues within 12 hours of me reporting it. Plus, they are transparent with development process. They have added all Alpha testers to a Slack and there’s a Trello board outlining the roadmap. Snooze feature is nice and they support multiple accounts (Gmail only for now!) The killer feature for me is email tracking. It’s so good and easy to use that I can comfortably say that it’s an Apple level feature, I didn’t know I needed it till I got it and it just works. Just check the tracking box (can be set to be checked and unchecked by default) and you will get notified every time your mail is opened. You can see past opens easily on message itself. The search works quite well. Not at Gmail level but better than a lot of other clients, including Mailbox. Unsubscribe feature is accurate and very useful. Overall, Polymail is a great mail client with a great team behind it which listens to users.
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@real_ishan Thanks Ishan! It sounds like it's been a long journey. Glad you found your way here & we're very thankful to have you as a part of Polymail 💕
I’ve only had the chance to use Polymail for a couple days so far, but I’ve already made it my default mail app. It’s got a beautiful UI and the “interactions” and “attachments” tabs are awesome and make finding and navigating through previous conversations and attachments in those conversations quick and painless. As someone who keeps a lot of late nights working, the baked in “send later” featured is another that I’m excited about. Overall it’s clean and refined with lots of additional details that really make it solid and fun to use
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@jonyetter Very glad to hear that Jon! We promise we'll do you proud on your decision to make Polymail your default!
Like many of us, I was sad to see that Mailbox is shutting down. The same day an invite to test out Polymail was in my inbox, and it was the perfect time to try it. I love it. Polymail is now my default email client, and I would encourage you to sign up to get on the beta and test it out. Looks like my email client for Mac problem (even when Mailbox for Max was available) is now solved -- looking forward to seeing what @foolywk and the Polymail team come up with!
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@nivo0o0 this can't come to iOS soon enough! Really disappointing that Mailbox is shutting down. @nivo0o0 how did you first discover Polymail?
@_jacksmith a Twitter friend @varadhjain asked if I wanted to try this new email app. I said sure. Then a few days later Mailbox announced it was shutting down and I instantly became interested in looking into it and trying it out 😁 Love what I've seen so far :)
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@nivo0o0 Thank you Niv! Glad you got a chance to try us too & we're really excited to share what we have in store 😉