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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2019

ScoreSkills is the only music education app that trains your music transcription (writing) abilities as a core part of learning. Practice reading, writing and listening and join our community of music learners

  • Pros: 

    It is easy and an efficient form of teaching music notation to the beginning musician. A unique solution to a growing problem!


    Visuals and graphics could probably be better

    This app is incredibly and I can't wait to see it grow

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  • Rina Schogel
    Rina SchogelGirl band leader - Rockberry Sisters!

    Such an easy and intuitive app! super easy and fun to use, and actually got me understanding a bit more of what I hear on the radio!


    Hope they'll release a version with specific train for each instrument in case I'll also want to learn playing.

    Loved it!

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It makes me proud to introduce a new super tool to the world of music education - ScoreSkills. Have you or your kids always been intimidated by sheet music or music theory? We at Compoze believe that learning music shouldn't be hard, you just need the right tool for the job. For music students of all levels and ages, we are introducing ScoreSkills for iOS - a fun and easy way to learn music theory and train your musical skills - that requires no previous knowledge in music or even owning an instrument. Download the app, play bite size levels and before you know it you’ll understand music like a pro. What makes ScoreSkills special? - this is not another "Guitar Hero"- ScoreSkills treats music like a language and teaches it like one- reading, writing, listening, speaking (sight reading, music transcription, ear training, humming exercises - coming soon) - It takes a subject that’s traditionally hard to learn and makes it fun, engaging and easy. - You can use it anywhere - no musical instrument needed. - Turbo charges your music learning We've just launched with over a thousand levels, covering well over what is taught in most first year music curriculums, and will launch thousands more so the app fits musicians of all levels. On a personal note, we've started Compoze five years ago with the goal of making life easier for musicians around the world and bringing music education to the masses. Launching ScoreSkills today is a big step towards this goal. I’m so proud of all of us at Compoze for this important achievement. There's nothing we'd like more right now than to hear your feedback after you've tried it. Download the app, play with it, share it and let us know all about it. 🙏🏻🕊❤️🎶 Alon
@alon_shacham1 Dude! AMAZING. So happy for you and your team!!!
@gilad_uziely Thanks so much Gilad, I'm proud of all of them 😇🙏🏻
Android? ;(
@jake_tran Coming in just a few months
Sounds fantastic! I hope you're planning an Android app as well, or even a web version.
@jjmcgaffey We are and thank you
I love it!! The best way to learn music, hands down.
@eyal_benishti Thanks for this Eyal!
Great app so simple and straightforward "How no one thought of this before?"
@rivka_monitz Exactly Rivka! Thank you, our thoughts exactly 😉