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April 11th, 2019

Google+ is back…sort of
Check out Google Currents

Google+ is back!

Google shut down down the failed social network earlier this month, but has decided to let Google+ live on as Google Currents — a reborn product that's still going to compete with Facebook.

Google Currents will focus on enterprise, giving employees a place to share knowledge and discuss things internally. It's primary competitors are Facebook's “Workplace” and Microsoft's “Yammer.”

For the most part, Currents looks exactly like Google+ and is now Google's second big enterprise communication tool. Google also has Google Hangout Chat, its Slack competitor.

Google+ came on the scene in 2011 as a competitive answer to Facebook proper, but it never really took off with users. A 2018 data leak that affected 5K users was the nail in the coffin for Google+.

Funny enough, this is not even the first time Google has named a product “Currents.” Currents was previously used for a magazine app that came before Google Play Newsstand, which was eventually replaced by Google News.

Google Currents also joins a long list of social enterprise tools. There's Zoho Connect, Basecamp, Monday, Winio and ActiveCollab for syncing on ongoing projects (to name a few). There's LumApps for a social 'intranet.' There's Front for sharing your inbox. There's Roadmap for planning sprints. And many, many more.


Product News! 😻

Helvetica just its first redesign in 35 years. LumApps picks up $24M. Disney just dropped a lotttt of details about its new Netflix competitor, Disney+. Uber files for its IPO. 

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