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Thank you @neerajt4 for hunting us. We're excited to be launching the all-new version of Zoho Connect, a team collaboration software that brings your team and the resources they need to a single platform. In this new version, we have included features like Manuals, Boards, and Forums to help teams build their knowledge base, manage work plans, and promote company culture. It also comes with a new UI which organizes the conversations more intuitively and helps teams to have a better experience using the product. Zoho Connect also lets you share and organize files within the organization, create custom apps to automate business processes and integrates with other 3rd party apps.
@gopuhemanth You're welcome! All the best. :)
So much competition in this space. What makes this unique?
@bentossell Yes, the market is a happening one. The reason we're unique is because we provide a more complete tool. Your basic collaboration needs are covered through news feeds for sharing ideas, chat rooms (channels) for real-time communication, and a powerful document management system. In addition to this, we came up with Manuals, that lets you build a knowledge base within your company. Also, we let users build forms and create workflows specific to their needs. For example, you could quickly build an employee on-boarding form, or a form to just store your contacts. All this is made possible through integrations with the broad suite of products that Zoho offers.
Looks like Slack + Trello + Google Drive but all in the Zoho universe. To be honest I would not use it, Slack is already toooo much of an attention whore, but it has more than solved our team communication issues.
@zsincze Yes, our vision is to provide a tool that's a complete team collaboration solution. Having just a social feed is not always enough to get work done. You need ways to manage your files, or brainstorm and take action on the ideas. That's why we have integrated with our other product offerings to provide a unified platform. Slack inspires us too. Happy that you found your sweet spot.
@zsincze I'm agree with you
@zsincze Agree that Slack has a lot of momentum for messaging, but that does not mean that there aren't a lot of great use cases for Zoho Connect. Also agree that not everyone who is using Slack would switch to Zoho Connect so not a big issue that you wouldn't choose to use it -- I'm sure lots of other Slack users would choose to continue with Slack. Where I think Zoho Connect really shines is where a Group is looking for more of a knowledge sharing platform -- like a professional association, just as one use case. I think there are tons of use cases where Zoho Connect is an ideal solution. Also, Zoho has another product called Cliq, which is basically Slack but at a better price point. For teams that are looking to mirror Slack functionality at a lower price point, that could be a good fit as well.
Zoho has really been stepping up lately Really excited about the release of more awesome products Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thank you for your kind words.
@dredurr @gopuhemanth Agree that Zoho has been stepping up and glad to see it. There are a lot of groups around the world that can benefit from the easy-to-use software that offers such a broad range of capability, and I don't seen anyone else stepping up the way Zoho is doing. If Zoho keeps improving these products, refining the way they work together, and also keeps the price points reasonable as they have been doing, I can see this company continuing it's dramatic pace of growth.
A team collaboration software that brings people and resources together in one place. From ideation to implementation, Connect helps teams every step of the way.