Zoho Connect

Collaboration software that brings your team together.

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Hemanth Kumar Reddy
@gopuhemanth · Product Marketer @ Zoho Corp.
Thank you @neerajt4 for hunting us. We're excited to be launching the all-new version of Zoho Connect, a team collaboration software that brings your team and the resources they need to a single platform. In this new version, we have included features like Manuals, Boards, and Forums to help teams build their knowledge base, manage work plans, and promote … See more
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
So much competition in this space. What makes this unique?
Zsolt Incze
@zsincze · Product Designer
Looks like Slack + Trello + Google Drive but all in the Zoho universe. To be honest I would not use it, Slack is already toooo much of an attention whore, but it has more than solved our team communication issues.
Neeraj Thakur
@neerajt4 · Marketer | www.neerajt.com
A team collaboration software that brings people and resources together in one place. From ideation to implementation, Connect helps teams every step of the way.
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
Zoho has really been stepping up lately Really excited about the release of more awesome products Dope🚬🚬