Space Lens

Discover what’s taking up space on your Mac

#2 Product of the DayApril 11, 2019
Space Lens is the newest addition to CleanMyMac X. With its help, you can build a detailed map of your storage and reveal the space hoggers on your Mac. Space Lens is cosmically beautiful, as fast as a Falcon Heavy rocket, and extremely easy to use.
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Hey Product Hunters, Today, I’m really excited to announce the latest addition to CleanMyMac X — Space Lens! The entirely new module is all about space exploration. Now it’s easier than ever to visualize your storage and remove “space debris” from your Mac. And while you’re trying it out, we’ll continue developing new features to make your Mac life simpler! Cheers!
@kosovan I couldn't find any comparison of the free vs paid version
@asaddhamani in the free version, you can perform all the scans infinitely, but there are limitations in how much data you can remove. You can find more info here
@kosovan Awesome work, folks! 💯
Hey Product Hunters! We've done our best to help you dive deeper into space in a beautiful way. Intuitive interface, smooth animations, atmospheric design — that's all about Space Lens. I have to say that interacting with you storage map is strangely satisfying, no wonder you'll be glued to the screen. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Space Lens design!

It found a 3 GB folder I didn't realize was there


Cool visualizations


Couldn't find any

more 🤣


Does what it says. Love the UI.


Nothing yet

Enjoy all the perks of the brand new module: - Visualize your disk space in a matter of seconds. - Spot the largest space wasters. These can be long-forgotten files and folders that take up gigabytes of space. - Scan both your internal and external drives. - Quickly decide what to remove. The lens will display the size of all your files, so you can detect the baddies at a glance. Let us know what you think 😊