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#5 Product of the DayApril 11, 2019
We allow you to sell custom ad spaces on-site and monetize your community through privacy-preserving and ethical ad spaces. Instead of getting your ads served through a network, you sell them to your own audience, making yourself independent from networks.
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Hey all! 🚀I started a couple months ago as a way for niche platforms, blogs and communities to improve their earnings with serving ads. 💰I run a lot of content pages in the Machine Learning space, and ad network payouts for that kind of thing are usually under $10/month. But the audience is highly targeted and active, so by selling your own ad spaces for what *you* think an ad space is worth, you can immensely increase your earnings. 👀I launched Intravert in private circles a couple months ago to see if people are interested, and indeed - they are! Today, Intravert ad spaces are running on about a dozen sites and are getting displayed to over 30,000 people monthly! On average, they are bringing in $40+ to their publishers monthly! Payouts are instant, powered by Stripe. 🤗Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who has integrated these ads early on their site, providing me with valuable feedback! See them in action at,,, and many more!
This is the ad solution I've been looking for. This is the ad solution we've ALL been looking for. I was an early adopter of Intravert. The moment Dominic pitched me the concept, I was in, and in a few hours I had ads up. Creating the slots was seamless and the interface intuitive. I was accepting payments in a couple of minutes, and they were easy to customize with some good ol' CSS. Not only that, but you can rotate ads and have multiple sponsorships at one time. Which is crazy cool. The test run was an absolute success, and has helped to substantially increase Makerlog's monthly income through sponsorships and ad slots. This is a killer product, and I encourage founders out there to consider replacing their traditional AdSense spots with these privacy-respecting Intravert slots. You won't regret it! 🌟 And to @dqmonn1 - congratulations on the launch. Super happy about how well Intravert is working out... You have a gem here! Keep it up buddy!
@ftxrc Thank you so much for taking the leap and integrating the ad spaces on early. Your early feedback & passion have been crucial to the further development of the app - and I'm excited to continue to work with you as MakerLog takes off even more!

Congratulations on the official launch Dominic!


Simple and easy-to-use. I was a buyer in when this system first went live and it's super simple to purchase an ad space!



I was an early adopter, and Intravert has played a very important role in my blog getting an sponsorship. Definitely recommend!


Best way to set up ad-space that's actually great


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Ethical and just, I'm so glad Dom is making waves in the indie making spaces through sideprojects like this!
@jic94 Owww 🤗 Thank you so much