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Basecamp 3 brings with it an epic change list... though not all the features are unanticipated. You can apply for early access here.
@chrismessina Just signed up to request early access 😁
THIS "Work Can Wait: Give work the weekend off" = Best feature ever. I wish more apps would integrate this concept. This update looks extremely promising and is finally giving Basecamp users the features they need.
There are so many great ideas in BC3. I was really impressed by the list of features, can't wait to try it out. They have really interesting pricing strategy: - $29/month: Everything except clients - $79/month: Includes clients - $3,000/year: premium support No convoluted tier table.
Unfortunately they've changed to just having one single $100/mo plan. It's great for medium or bigger teams, but as someone who works on their own or with one partner, the one price point doesn't work so great. It started out with tiered pricing a few years ago.
I was an early user of Basecamp Classic, then left it for years in favor of other tools, and only in the past several months have gotten back into Basecamp 2. Definitely some things I love and things I don't. Looking forward to trying this out.