The New Uber Rider App

Where to? See upfront fares & estimated arrival times

#4 Product of the MonthNovember 2016



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Chris Saad
@chrissaad · Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform
Super fast startup Beautiful new product selector Destination first Shortcuts to your most likely destination Upfront pricing Stunningly beautiful requesting and ride experience The all new Uber Feed with beautiful 3rd party cards Lots more to come!
Tarik Kurspahic@tariktech · CTO, Personal |
@chrissaad - Congrats! You've made a great app even better :)
Saptak@saptak · Product Manager, Hortonworks
@chrissaad a beautiful and much needed update
Sunny Nagra@snagra_ · Co-Founder of Cupper
@chrissaad congrats on the launch!
@chrissaad Great to know. One of my major pain points is the access points for saved addresses. I have saved my apartment address, but my apartment has 6 different access points. I would like to have the flexibility to drag and drop the pin during the home/work address setup so that I can instruct the drivers to the right access point. This avoids multiple phone calls before every pick up and instructing the driver to come to the right exit.
Barron Roth@iambarronroth · Product at Blade
@chrissaad Are pickup locations always just decided? How does that work? Am I gonna have to walk three blocks if I'm on floor 50 of a building?
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@iambarronroth you can update the pickup location before booking
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
Adam Lazarus@adamlaz · Ones & Zeros
@vij2288 @chrissaad talk about an edge case! For now, maybe save some text snippets that you can send quickly/automatically once a driver accepts your ride request?
@adamlaz How is that an edge case? Home address is the most frequent pick up location. I call the driver every time before the pickup. And saving your preferred addresses is a one time operation
Prathamesh Jadhavrao@mr_jadhavrao · Entrepreneur, Founder of Offerwallle
@chrissaad Congrats! App looks really good.
Anatoly Sharifulin@sharifulin · CEO & Co-Founder at
@chrissaad @phoenixy @shalin_amin @brad_moore @ppyapali @cbrauchli @pandanomic @nudgeee @marklamb @didierh @marte47 @tonyc @udaykiran @tsmith Congrats, guys! Good job! But why didn't you check ASO before this major release? Please check out my notes about it I hope it will be useful for you.
Adam Lazarus@adamlaz · Ones & Zeros
@vij2288 the different pickup points for the same address :-)
@adamlaz Of course! Work addresses aren't easy, I am sure, you'll be surprised to know the call volume right before a pickup.
Rohan @rohan_rockz
@chrissaad As someone who uses Uber on a daily basis! This is so far the best UI update that Uber has done.
Balaji S. SrinivasanHiring@balajis · CEO of and Board Partner at a16z.
@chrissaad Really nice looking new interface. A late comment, but the one thing that I've found (which you've probably heard from others) is that the GPS reading for the initial location often isn't fully accurate. As such it may be important to prompt the user to explicitly enter their initial location, or else their car goes to the wrong address. Other than that, no complaints so far after a few weeks of use.
Mick Liubinskas@liubinskas · Entrepreneur in Residence, muru-D
@chrissaad nice. Eats needs some work but rest is a big step.
Francisco G@chipalagusma
Wow it's like Uber for Uber!
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Super excited about the new direction and design of the Uber rider app. Lots of hard work from a lot of folks went into this. Creates a new foundation for an already incredibly useful platform.
Sunny Nagra@snagra_ · Co-Founder of Cupper
@chrismessina awesome work, love the new design and features!
Chris Messina@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@snagra_ cheers! 😊
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
More in The Verge by @laurengoode. Looks clean. 👍🏼
Arthur Swiniarski@aswiniarski · Product @
Binoy Xavier Joy@binoyxj · Technology Evangelist | Artist 🎨
@rrhoover @laurengoode Double the goodness. Reading about the new Uber app on the super fast The Verge.
Abhishek Madhavan@abhishekmadhavn · Marketing @freshdesk, ex @crowdfire
Amazeballs! Usually I'm just scrolling through my Twitter feed during Uber rides! wait a sec, why doesn't Uber buy Twitter? 👻