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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2019

Plan & organize your tasks and workflows, communicate & collaborate with your teams and clients, track progress & measure the output across all projects, and get paid for your work with the built-in invoicing system.

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Hi Hunters! First off, I’d like to thank @nikkielizdemere for hunting us! :) I’m @istdn, the co-founder (along with @godza) of ActiveCollab - a Project Management Software that gives you complete control over your work. For those of you that don’t know, it’s been over a decade since the first version of ActiveCollab came out. Since then, the app has gone through many iterations and gotten numerous new features and capabilities. New ActiveCollab has been a product of continuous improvement over the past years, and all of the new features and upgrades are the result of long-term iteration, careful planning, and constant communication with our customers. Now you can improve the way you work better than ever: 1. Plan & Organize - task lists, kanban board & timeline view with task dependencies and automatic rescheduling, recurring tasks, batch editing, and much more. 2. Communicate & Collaborate - real-time communication, improved feedback, file sharing, discussions and notes for every project. 3. Track & Measure - track time on all your tasks across all projects and use these time records to improve your estimates and don’t let your hours go to waste. 4. Get Paid - Take good care of your budgets and create invoices from time records directly in ActiveCollab. We wanted to take this opportunity and give all of you a chance to test the newest iteration of ActiveCollab. Our free 14-day trial will hopefully give you enough time to get familiar with the new design and features, and complete an actual project or two. We’d love to hear all about it, our team will be available for all your questions during the next couple of days. :) Enjoy!
@nikkielizdemere @istdn @godza Yet uploads still fails daily! Can’t even upload a file most days. Not to mention download them. This is great when clients are waiting on you.
@nikkielizdemere @istdn @godza @shilorune Hi Joseph! Working with files is a must and it has to go smoothly! Our warehouse did have a few downtimes back in the summer of 2018, but everything is green on our end since then. We haven't had any complaints about upload and download from your account, but I'll forward your feedback to our Customer Care Team so they can check the status.
@mokyalletun I'm not sure what you consider a few, but we experienced downtime for weeks back in the Summer. This is much more than a few. Over the last week, I have confirmed team members who were unable to upload to AC, and clearly documented this noting, "had to upload on drive, ac uploads not working again..." Regarding my account and lack of communication with your Support - I stopped reaching out, because it's not worth my time. Your support continues to misunderstand us over and over. I have even gone as far as tracking bugs on your behalf, recording videos, and following up. All of these efforts I did on my own time have proven to be a complete waste of my time. Lastly, some guy from Ukraine called us "to make a deal." Yet he never followed up, and we emailed him directly with no resolutions many times.
@mokyalletun @shilorune Yup, we had this too. My PM also resorted to uploading to Drive and attaching that way. And I agree about support… they're pretty nice and stuff, but they don't seem deeply informed about the product, there's a language barrier, and I feel like a burden to them (I too have tracked bugs, followed up, send screen recordings, etc.) The standard response is something like "Is that a feature request?" to which I'll say "Uh, I guess so?", and they'll respond with something like "Okay! I'll pass that on to the UI team to discuss."… and that's that. Other PM platforms track that kind of thing in a shareable, trackable, public-facing way so that I know I'll get updates on the issues that interest me.
@lee_fuhr Hi Lee! We'd be happy to investigate your upload&download options if you're still having issues with them. Indeed, there are different ways of communicating feature requests and roadmaps on the market. We defined ours and, for now, there are no plans for changing it. When it comes to our support, we completely reorganized the team and had numerous thumb-ups for troubleshooting, even in Russian and German. We strive for progress and further improvements are coming!

AC is on the project management market for a long time, and their team has tremendous experience in building and improving project management tool.


Sleek new look, old good features.


Now when aesthetics are improved, all is peachy :)

AC keep project organized with clear focus on the end goal. Also it provides a clear picture of our work for a client at any point. Learning curve is less steep and non-technical personal can jump in to it with ease.


Evolution in the right direction of already useful everyday tool


Finding a fine balance between feature packed and seamless easy experience is not easy.

Thanks Ivan! 🙌

Clean and functional tool, that is pretty mature, with a great team behind it. :)


The interface is great, easy to use, enables you to spend more time working on stuff that really matters instead of roaming the tool.


Haven't noticed any bigger issues with the tool.

@vforvukovic thanks! glad you're liking it! 👊

Definitely a great product for marketing agencies. I'm only hoping they continue to move the product in the right direction!


Loads of new features this past year Polished new interface with a great look & feel Very affordable compared to other PM apps


Definitely looking forward to a versioning feature, but very happy overall.

Thanks, @bryan_miller2 Keep sending us your feedback 😃