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Looks like a better version of Yammer, very different from Slack despite people making the comparison.
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@rrhoover and related products says Slack
@rrhoover Yammer never really worked for me. I'm also a little apprehensive about associating my facebook account (which is keep largely private for family and friends) to my identity at work.
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@rrhoover We need a Q&A with Workplace Director :D
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@rrhoover I thought it was like slack but reading your comment maybe we could use slack and Workplace at the same time.
@rrhoover Slack is communication for the tech savvy people, FB At Work will work for the rest of us ;-)
Our company has been on Facebook at Work for almost a year now and nobody ever uses it which is really disappointing considering we have over 350 employees.
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@derekbtw like every entreprise social network... employees must be willing to use it, you can't simply put in a place a tool and expect your employees to use it
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@cherifmahiedine Any tool need an usecase. Your company maybe don't need a social tool. Everything is sales, phone and emails.
@cherifmahiedine well we WOULD use it but there's no way of incorporating it into any kind of dashboard you already have. We have a dashboard that all employees use daily to look at sales records, inventory, and data input applications within. If they let you import your own tools, that would actually be very useful. But as for now, it's literally just a fork of Facebook.
@derekbtw I think Workplace should add an internal CRM tool that can cover all your emails and sales. I found that not everything could change in one night. They want to kill emails but how to connect with clients and customers that do not have a Workplace account at their companies. And old emails and phone still live.
@derekbtw Automotive is also way behind in general. Really tough to get user adoption in a low digital literacy environment. (Yours sounds more advanced than what I'm experiencing... kudos.) I'm attempting to sneak Ryver (Slack competitor.. and I'm not a fan of their mktg) because of it's layout.. and because I can collaborate with external vendors using private teams. Internal adoption is going very slow. Though, admittedly, I'm layering it in covertly. Does this Facebook feature provide a way to collaborate with external vendors privately... but within the interior walls of the group?
Facebook vs Slack (#TeamSlack) This is the TechCrunch article of the announcement (I get that Slack is the easiest 'comparison' to make in this space where it isn't tackling the same thing) Here is Zuckerbergs post on it: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/po...
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Resembles wrike a bit. Slack seems far from this as slack is "easy" on the eyes and pretty tidied up. What I always wonder, where is the impact of the numerous UX designers, researchers and other interaction designers in facebook products. Every FB product feels so rough, dusted and totally not en par with today's startup products in terms of visual appeal. Anyways, I wished for this around 4 years ago, today, meh I'm locked-in in other established products.
@andmitsch Many old people in large size companies. Facebook needs a design that is good for all. And I think they did well.
@hoandesign Broad audience reach has never been a sufficient argument against design evolution and daring design progress. It's the perfect formula for stagnation and security. Wonder how the iPhone would look like if they'd said "Wait, but we can't change the size, because we have a certain audience that is used to it". Questionable at best...
@andmitsch It's not fast as we think. Why does emails still work now? It's good enough. We have many clients in our country Vietnam just said hate to whitespace, line icons and event flat design. It makes the design clean but all they think is waste of space and too simple, too lazy.
Eh. Seems like just another "me too" play by Facebook. The design is too similar to regular Facebook and users won't be able to remove the mental connection between the two. Looks like a glorified FB group with business-y beige background.