The fastest way to sync your team with ongoing projects

Winio is a simple collaboration tool for everyone, where thousands of individuals – from freelancers to huge teams – unleash their potential, find time to collaborate, make ideas come to life and celebrate achievements together.
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It's a collaboration tool for small teams. Gives teams a simple place to have discussions, create tasks and upload documents about a given project. I don't know if that's enough to pull someone away from Slack. Care to comment @dlobosilva?
@erictwillis like someone said to us after testing the platform: "where slack meets asana"
@m3t_pt @erictwillis Reminds me of Fleep, but less sophisticated
This looks amazing!! Is there a maximum for the number of team members?
@carlosleisantos Thanks for comment. We are still in beta, so for now there is no limit of team members. We just ask for feedback :)
Hey everyone !! Daniel, Founder of winio here. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about winio. Always looking for ways to improve :)
@dlobosilva You might change 'type here your note' to 'type your note here'. Also, they aren't 'notes', it's a chat, so maybe 'type your message here'
Simple and smart! Is there a way to assign tasks to certain team members?
@alina_karnaukh thanks for you support. We will release that feature very soon :)
Hey @alina_karnaukh we just added it. Hope you to see you on winio soon 😃
Thanks for the recommend; your app looks wonderful