Question to all Product Marketers & Product Managers: what tools do you use every week?

Lisa Dziuba
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I've been in PMM for almost 7 years and I'd love to see if I'm missing some cool tooling to work more efficiently. 🤔 So, what tools do you use for - user research, - market research, - crafting persona & job stories & user journey, - feature feedback & feature prioritizing & roadmap planning, - developing & implementing go-to-market strategies, - creating positioning, - planning all PMM activities, syncing with the team, managing other marketers & product people in your team Super curious to learn from other product people here 🙂


Mike Choi
Something like this would definitely help early founders validate ideas and build with confidence! First cool product I’ve seen in this area is
Fu Fei
There isn't really a SaaS tool great for positioning, but I recommend April Dunford's book. Obviously Awesome
Rahul R S
Figma, Larksuite, Gitlab, Trello, Google sheet,
Lisa Dziuba
@rahul_r_s > Larksuite someting new, I'll check it today
Sindhu Shivaprasad
Great question — we use a whole bunch at our high-autonomy startup! Team planning and availability management: (soon launching on Product Hunt) Research: Roam Research Prototyping: Figma Roadmapping: Linear Data management: Notion 2.0 Customer support: Intercom Team management: Slack
Lisa Dziuba
@sindhushivaprasad and where do you keep your company's wiki? for example, your GTM templates or research frameworks
Sindhu Shivaprasad
@onerinas that's amazing! Could you tell me how you came across Pause? I'd be happy to arrange a demo for your team if you're considering jumping on board.
Sindhu Shivaprasad
@lisadziuba Notion and Google Drive, although we've been known to use Figma to map out and refer to extensive frameworks. We also have some of this information live on our public Playbook:
rinas 🧑‍💻
@sindhushivaprasad saw your other comment about and now I remember! I thinks it's obvious website or newsletter:) I'll let you know if needed for sure
Lisa Dziuba
@sindhushivaprasad thanks a lot for sharing this! I will definitely take a look at "The Product Playbook". So cool that you keep it open and public 💛
This curated list by @kaz can be very helpful :)
Devanand Premkumar
@kaz @adityavsc Pretty useful list Aditya. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated :)
It's great
Katie Mitchell
Check out @userleap! We actually just launched a new feature today on PH :) You can use our contextual microsurveys (via in-product, email, and link) to capture real time insights from your users, recruit interview participants, and more exciting stuff coming soon. Plus we integrate with all your other tools as of today!
Batıkan Erdoğan
I mostly use the following tools: Asana: Task Management KosmoTime: Productivity Boost & Time Management & Distraction Blocking (it's super cool with Asana & Slack integration) Miro: Brainstorming & Notes Figma 2.0: Prototype & Wireframe Slack: Communication
Lisa Dziuba
@batikanerdogan thanks for sharing KosmoTime! Never seen it before! Miro, Asana, Figma, Slack = 💛💛💛
I've tried a bunch of planning tools, but fall back to pen and paper and todoist..i did kindof like basecamp 🙃 Other than that, Loom has been good for async communication with @annchichii ! are there any planning tools made for scattered minds?
Lisa Dziuba
@annchichii @graeme_fulton I do a different type of planning - visual planning (kinda brainstorming or strategy with Miro), more structural plans go to Notion/Spreadsheets with decomposed action items (still high level + expected results). Then after I go from "strategy -> key results + possible way to achieve it" -> to the "action item list with dates". The last part usually goes to task management tool, anything from Trello, Asana, JIRA
@annchichii @lisadziuba yeah looks a very good and thought-out process, while giving you flexibility at the start.. i guess i have no plan which is why I am not a product manager ...they say 'if you don't have a goal you get nowhere' like being nowhere is bad, i like being nowhere
Lisa Dziuba
@annchichii @graeme_fulton you know me for a long time, I'm super structural 😂
Lisa Dziuba
@graeme_fulton but seriously, if you enjoy the process and the outcome - then it's your way of doing things :) Even the best PMM framework won't be effective in the long run if it makes you mentally unhappy.
@graeme_fulton @lisadziuba hahah super structural. Loom does fit into my workflow making it very easy for asnyc messaging. That's how Graeme and I communicate by tossing each other Looms. hahah I heard a lot so you may want to give it a try also. : )
Vlad Korobov
More and more Timestripe , because it's easy, fast and flexible enough. That had a good update recently Timestripe Community
Lisa Dziuba
@vlad_korobov wow, it's interesting tool. I was doing my life planning in Google Spreadsheets. I have checkbox for every week in the year, divided by main life zone: 🧡 Family 🥦 Health & Beauty 📚 Self Development 🧘‍♀️ Relax 💰 Fin 🧠 Work
Lisa Dziuba
@vlad_korobov btw, what is pricing for Timestripe? I can't find it on the homepage
Lisa Dziuba
@vlad_korobov @mishra_mayank that how it works - you are making a product people love and people are recommending your Product everywhere)))
Vlad Korobov
@lisadziuba That is exactly what you can do in timestripe boards and you can link goals from your boards to time horizons like day, week, month, year, life... So a goal for today could be related to Work list and another one could be related to Fin. And your weekly goal could be related to Relax and so on. I hope you can give it a shot!
Vlad Korobov
@lisadziuba But what I do is creating a board per each life direction. Inside each board I could have multiple lists... imagine when inside Family you have column per each family member
Andrew Stinger
Obvious bias since I work there, but at Coda, we use Coda for the all the above. Some free templates * Product Team Starter Kit: * Marketing Team Starter Kit: * Zapier's Market Research doc: * Intercom's R&D Hub: * An inside look at how Figma ships product: * My personal PMM Hub template (to serve as PMM team wiki/knowledge hub):
Lisa Dziuba
@coda @andrew_stinger I'm thinking to share my PMM process in Coda to give my friends some template to follow. Pretty often designers and developers from my community ask me something like "how to launch my new app?".
Lisa Dziuba
@coda @andrew_stinger Sharing more of "launch templates" will help many folks in tech community 😊 So huge thanks for sharing yours!
Monika Zernikh
Work harder and good luck 🙂
Every day I look into for research of data about speed of the pages... It's very helpful with web vitals Flowlu - it's my CRM Telegram - messenger Hotjar - for insights and yep spotify goddm))
@lisadziuba Flowlu is very interesting CRM fo IT projects. We integrated it with our email campaign, with lead forms and analytics system of conversions. It's very good if you want to automate your business process. Try it.
Hany Gadalla
We use Hubstaff as all in one solution.
Pradeep Kumar
Jira, whimsical, Zeplin,
Mayank Mishra
If you use Slack, I would recommend using , it helps Leaders manage all their imp. Slack messages/important clips, etc right inside Slack. You can do a bunch of things with these clips.
Olya Zabalkanska
Mixpanel, Ora, Figma, Hotjar, Intercom/Gist, Slack
Sreekanth PM
1. Visual Design/UI - Figma 2. Feature Feedback - Fider 3. Wireframes/First Sketch - Excel 4. Landing Page: Elementor+WP/Webflow 5. Code - github 6. Document Collaboration - Box
Sreekanth PM
@mishra_mayank I saw this but we don't use slack. I use it personally for community engagement. Will definitely check once we are using it for internal discussions.
Alexander Marfitsin
Лиза, да все стандартно. Miro, Figma, Slack, Notion, Preview, iA Writer, Intercom, Google Analytics. Раньше ещё был Amplitude, сейчас очень не хватает.
Isabel Nyo
In my opinion, tools don’t matter as much as systems. Whether you use Figma or Sketch, as long as you’re able to solve problems and get to your desired outcomes, either works just fine. However, systems are important to steer us in the right direction. A good system ensures we are not aimless in our endeavors. I recommend OKR system for product managers. For anyone interested in what this system could look like for startups, feel free to check out