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Hey there, I’m Dylan, the CEO of Figma. Super excited to introduce Figma 2.0 today -- now complete with Prototyping and Developer Handoff. We’re the only interface design tool that runs in the cloud, so we’re able to do some fun things with these features. In Figma the prototype is the design file, so it never goes out of date. As you make changes to your files, they’ll be reflected in real time in your presentations… no exporting necessary. Other highlights: - You can tweak frames or add screens to prototypes in real time while others watch. We’re already finding this hugely helpful in design critiques at Figma. - No need for endless versioning…or the crazy naming conventions that other tools require to order your artboards (good-bye artboard 1, artboard a1, artboard a1b, artboard a1bcdefgahhhhhfuckthis). - My new fav: You can navigate presentations from your phone. Any designers who dream of strolling the conference room like you’re giving a TED talk, this is your moment. - You can use components (symbols) with hot spots, so when you set a navigation from a component once, it will populate through all instances - Developers can access Developer Handoff tools in “view-only” mode, which means (1) they won’t accidentally mess up design files and (2) Figma teams do not have to pay for them to access! I wrote more about it here if you want to learn more: Figma is free for individuals (and students!). If you want to give it a try go to We’d love to hear what you think. Also happy to answer questions and get feedback on PH -- will this meet your design needs? What are you dying to see in the design tool space?
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@zoink have been using it for 3+ months now, haven't touched PS , Sketch. Totally in love with this. Love that framer was supporting import from Figma but now I see how things are changing. Haven't loved a tool as much as Figma after using PS for 6 years. Good luck with it.
@zoink I've been using Figma since the early alpha days. As usual, your team does not disappoint! 👏 Thanks for continuing to pour blood, sweat, and tears into this tool and making it so powerful.
@zoink Nice one! I really like the ability to have components with hotspots. Can I migrate my Adobe XD projects to Figma?
Looks great, finally a modern design tool outside of the walled Mac garden...
Great update!
This is an amazing update, truly deserving of a "2.0" label - congrats Dylan and team!!!
@callmevlad Thank you, Vlad!
Hi, Dylan. I really adore the ideas and visions of your team. Alas, Figma is run by JS, so it is often laggy, the experience is not smooth. I understand that I'm complaining, and just a few year ago I could not even DREAMED of such a great tool. But. A good thing is easy to be addicted to. That is why Sketch is the most preferred design app for me for today ✌
@alexanderisora I experience no lag whatsoever with Figma, even with nearly 50 frames and thousands of layers. In fact, Sketch runs slower for me!
@alexanderisora The only file I have that runs slow has 250k layers... so not sure what you're throwing at it to slow it down. Load times, yeah, not ideal, but overall usage is pretty good for me.
@alexanderisora Hey Alexandra, our goal is to be the fastest tool around! Can you email me directly [my first name] at [figma] and cc [support] at [figma]? If you can send us an example file that's giving you issues (or even just system specs), we can investigate further and figure out what's going on.
@zoink sure Dylan. But there will be no surprise for you. As far as I can see, JS apps are always clumsier that their native analogs. Telegram>Slack, SublimeText>Atom, Sketch>Figma etc.
@alexanderisora Give us a shot :) With respect: we are working very hard to prove you wrong. And if you can highlight some cases where we don't measure up just yet, we will do our best to fix them.
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