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A note-taking tool for networked thought

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 11, 2020
A note-taking tool for networked thought.
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First time posting after long time lurking. This is the best new digital product I’ve used in YEARS. Once you take a few minutes to understand the philosophy behind it, their YouTube videos and help pages explain it simply. Has totally changed the way i take notes and I feel more connected to my thinking than ever before.
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@patricktrack You took the words out of my mouth, Patrick. Bravo Conor and team!
The Workflowy on steroids you never knew you needed. Watch the short explanatory videos by the Conor:
I've been using Roam for around two months and I could not imagine not using it. I have not been this enthusiastic about new software in a long time. It has become an essential place for me to put random musings, article notes, highlights, meeting notes, etc. Roam just works how my brain works and lowers pretty much all cognitive load to putting my thoughts down. As I put more in, I get more from it. It's really amazing.
I'm a huge fan of Roam since I started making the transition a couple weeks ago. As a base for personal knowledge management it has a much more pragmatic philosophy around how information should interlink. I love it so much so that I wrote up a 3,000 word user guide on it:
@nateliason That post was excellent. I've shared it with a lot of folks in the past few days.
@mickey_mellen Thanks Mickey! Glad you liked it :)
This looks nice. Wondering how would it be used in comparison to - Notion