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Would you recommend Slack to a friend?


@pomajp · founder/ceo, rocketcode.io
this is legitimately the greatest (enterprise) software that has ever existed. you know...in my opinion. i actually look forward to working with my team in @slackhq every day.
Adam Lieb
@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
One of the most useful features of hipchat is the running history of files/links that have been shared in a room. http://ss.adamlieb.me/1312031314... I'd love for Slack to add this!
Omar El Amri
I've tried all the team messaging tools out there, and I think that this is by far the most effective, elegant one there is. It integrate with all the other services you could possibly use like Github and Asana, and they're probably going to implement even deeper integration now that they've raised a large round of funding.
Nick Zieber
@nzieber · Community & Partnerships @whub_io
Got my whole office using Slack. Slow and steady progress.
Will Dennis
@willydennis · Founder, Hollerback
So good. The iOS app crushes Hipchat's. Our team made the switch and we haven't looked back.