What's your favourite tools to launch MVP?

Lisa Dziuba
51 replies
Feel free to mention yours! I want to launch the "MVP tools list" and want to add not well-known but still super useful tools to launch products faster.


Nik Shevchenko
This is a great guide on building MVP with no-code tools, covering all stages of MVP creation: https://welovenocode.com/blog/tp... Could be very handy for makers here.
Umar Farooq
My fvt tool is Bubble.io
Lisa Dziuba
@umar8007 Bubble is cool, btw did you know that it's already 10 years on the market?
Sachin Sinha
My favourite tool is Softr
Vache Asatryan
@sacin13 @kodjima33 Agreed, i have made 7 websites/apps with softr in the last 6 months. Its really been a delight to use.
Klein Udumaga
Bubble for web dev, definitely.
Artem Khudenko
I like new web app builder called Ycode, i think maybe it will replace bubble soon :)
Lisa Dziuba
Tilda + Typeform + ConvertKit and you get website, lead capturing form and email sender
Lisa Dziuba
Also could be Coda/Airtable/Notion as a content-based product + Gumroad to sell one-time payment + Product Hunt to get users 😊
Lisa Dziuba
Could be even simpler: blog on Ghost + Patreon to get support, here you go "content MVP"
Ayoub Amine
I'm using my own SaaS named Invoiless to handle the invoicing part of my MVPs. All you need to do is connect your website or app with the Invoiless API and start generating invoices for your customers, also you can add a "Pay Now" button to accept online payments with Stripe...
Lisa Dziuba
@ayoubamine how is it better than Gumroad?
Ayoub Amine
@lisadziuba At Invoiless, we focus only on invoicing, our goal is to provide small to medium businesses, freelancers, and developers with a unique invoicing platform that makes them create and manage invoices in one place and get paid faster.
Tobi Gbemisola
Bubble, Dorik, Typeform, Carrd just to name a few
Roman Konstantinov
Create online store without writing a single line of code. https://nocodeshops.com
Paul Red
Older stack for landings: Wordpress with Elementor plugin, AWS free tier EC2 for hosting, Canva for images. Newer stack for content-centered projects: Contentful, Vercel, sanity.io.
Reuben Carter
React and Material UI a fantastic toolset for coders.
Ayoub Amine
@maciej_cupial Vuetify is awesome! Did you try Tailwind?
Notion for nearly everything -- but that's quite well known these days! Databox for tracking metrics. This is a must-have and the databoards always look so clean.
Greg Boch
Hey! At 021, the studio I work for, we use lots of No/LowCode tools, but the best ones are: Platforms: Bubble.io Webflow Glide Automation tools: Integromat, of course Parabola Work w/ data: Directual (extremely good for back-end) Obviously.ai (data analysis tool) We also talked about pros&cons of some more helpful data-management tools in this article: https://021studio.medium.com/3-n... And if you need to launch your website/app like VERY fast use Sheet2Site, Coda or Table2Site Here you can find some of the examples of webstites&apps (including MVPs) we built using the tools above: https://021.so/
Ayoub Amine
For email marketing: Mautic (Free & Open Source) + AWS SES ($0.1 per 1000 emails)
Lisa Dziuba
@ayoubamine nice! what email marketing tool do you use for cold emails sent on the scale?
Ayoub Amine
@lisadziuba I'm currently using only Mautic to manage transactional and marketing emails, newsletters, cold emails..., AWS SES to send emails, a custom SMTP server for replies, and DeBounce to verify and clean my lists.
Vladimir Levitin
I love https://www.bravostudio.app. They need to add a few features like in-app purchases to become the best frontend no-code tool for apps.
Jerome Tse
I wanted to take the chance to promote Jupitrr but nvm Bubble.io is reli worth it. If you are a dev, you basically can learn it in 48 hours and make legit websites to test the market :D
Sławomir Pawlak
Does low-code count? https://shuffle.dev/ than for web dev. You can quickly build website and at the same time you wont have problem with expanding it later :) But I might be biased by working there ;p