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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Intercom is amazing. It's actually very similar to PlayHaven -- providing marketers and product creators the ability to promote and communicate directly with segments of their audience. Their blog is also one of the best company blogs out there - http://insideintercom.io/
Marcus Davenport@marcus_davenport · Founder & CEO Startup
@rrhoover which is better?
Philip Crawford@wiscodude · Manifestly: Checklists for Teams
Intercom continues to impress. Twice now I've wished they had a feature and then a couple months later they've come out with it. I can't imagine running http://manifest.ly without it. Also, if you like their app, Des and the group have a product management book out that is pretty great. https://www.intercom.io/books/pr...
Grégoire Fournel@gregoire_fournel · CTO, Factomos
We use Intercom inside our invoicing software for small Business http://factomos.com, and it's great. Thanks to Intercom we have automated messages to guide our users and a very high satisfaction of our online support
Jake Shelley@jakesshelley · CX Manager, Deputy.com
Hello to any active user of intercom. I run a 24/7 support team of 25 people through intercom and love it. However, I really wish intercom had a feedback review at the end of our conversations so I can get feedback about how my team is performing. Has anyone come across this issue, does anyone have a work around? Would love to hear any solution.
Cackle@cackleru · https://widgetpack.com
Great service!