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#4 Product of the DayMay 20, 2020
Miro has launched a complete solution for facilitating remote meetings and workshops. Invite guest editors, manage participants' attention, and collaborate like you would in person on an infinite whiteboard with video chat, voting, timer, and more.
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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us! Today we're excited to launch Miro Remote Meetings and Workshops! Our goal with Remote Meetings and Workshops is to empower every team, group, and organization regardless of their size or location to work together confidently while remote. At Miro, we believe remote collaboration should be as easy as picking up a dry erase marker. Remote Meeting and Workshops is a complete solution for anyone who is looking to replicate their in-person sessions online. Whether you need to brainstorm with a few teammates or to transition a large scale event with hundreds of users to online, Miro has you covered. Miro’s online collaborative whiteboard and multi-user engine provide the stable foundation for scaled, real-time collaboration. Our new and improved capabilities, listed below, provide the fine tuning to make sure your remote sessions run as good as in-person. Basic Features: Available on Free Plan Unlimited Free Editors: collaborate with a few close friends or a few hundred at one time without constraint. Infinite Canvas: Never run out of space or get erased and create a single source of truth for all your visual teamwork. Visual Notes: a versatile text editor for creating board outlines or writing instructions to make user onboarding a breeze. Bring to Me and Follow: Bring a participant to where you are on the board or Follow along with participant to improve remote collaboration and facilitation Improved “Lock” - Prevent accidental editing by locking items to the background. Meeting and Workshop Templates - Get ahead with pre-built templates. We’ve expanded our library and added new sections for remote meetings and workshop facilitation. Advanced Features: Available on Paid Plans Guest Editors: the quickest and easiest way to invite collaborators that don’t have a Miro account yet. Collaborate for free and no sign in required. Bring Everyone to Me: a powerful facilitation functionality that ensures your remote workshop participants never get lost and are constantly engaged in collaboration. Improved Video Calls - Built in video calls with screen share so your participants won’t need multiple apps open. Timer and Voting - These essential Miro plugins, enable you to stay on schedule and democratize participants’ voices with anonymous voting. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post here or email us at support@miro.com.
Timer is a feature that we really miss on zoom when we do team brainstorms. Awesome that you have it!
I'm Miro academic ambassador - not only I enjoy this service, but it helps me now greatly with the distance teaching. To share my positive experience with Miro, I have invited all my collegues to use it and organized several workshops within the university community to spread these positive vibes. Miro is absolutely great for collaboration and meetings, for personal student's consultations and large seminar. I highly recommend it!
I've been a Miro user for over a year. It is an absolute must for remote teams. The device support is super impressive and it works fantastically between desktop and tablet. I often use it with my ipad and apple pencil. As a remote team, we were having trouble roughing out ideas without the physical presence of a whiteboard, post-it's, and dry erase markers. Miro completely solved this need and went above and beyond. The free feature set allows a ton of freedom when you're just getting started. Honestly at this point I sound like a paid shill but I honestly love this tool. Give it a try!
@averycarter Thank you so much! It's great to hear how Miro helps you recreate the freedom and creativity that comes from a physical whiteboard in an online, remote friendly format.
Miro is very powerful. Am impressed with the speed and simplicity for performing complex tasks. Big fan of the product and my productivity has gone up significantly . With no travel plans for rest of 2020 , this is the tool for catching up with founders of portfolio companies and teams who are all located in multiple cities and towns. Highly recommend the free version.
@harsha99 Thank you and glad to hear Miro is helping ease some of the pain of being fully remote. It's our goal to make collaboration feel as close to in-person as possible :)