Coda is a new type of document that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of apps into a single new canvas.

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Thanks for the hunt, @johnolilly1. We've been waiting for a long time to welcome people into the Coda beta! I'm excited that day is here. We began this journey three years ago, and it all started with a simple observation: In a world full of packaged applications and productivity tools, why do we still rely on documents and spreadsheets so much? When I was at YouTube, we ran a thousand-person organization off a handful of spreadsheets. Some people found that scary, but I personally found it awesome. These docs let us build tools specific to our unique ways of doing things. But it's also a bit sad. These docs were invented for accountants and typists 40 years ago, and have hardly changed since. Despite all the new features, today’s documents and spreadsheets are structurally insufficient for our modern workplace. It made me and my cofounder Alex wonder: What would we build if we started from scratch? Today you can join our beta to see how we're tackling the challenge. Coda erases the boundaries between words and data. It's a place where everyone can work together, in their own way, off the same data. And it's built to grow with your creativity. I can’t wait to see what you Coda!
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@shishirmehrotra I really want to try this out at work
@shishirmehrotra Invite requested :D this looks awesome
@johnolilly1 @shishirmehrotra Super excited for Coda, looks like an incredibly compelling product. Can't wait to try it out!
Also, not to be confused with Panic's Coda...
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@chrismessina That was my thought too. How wise is it to launch a new product with the same name as an established one? Surely it'll lead to confusion for new users.
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@chrismessina @frassmith yes, it did for me - specially since both products lean towards developers.
@chrismessina That’s where my mind went. I’m a heavy Coda (text editor) user. This (new) Coda looks downright awesome, but the duplicate name is going to get a little confusing if I bring it into my workflow – which I might like to do because the features look great.
@chrismessina agreed. I thought it was a new release for Panic's Coda. Not a good idea to use the same name.
@chrismessina I also thought this was a new version of Coda (the text editor), which feels due for a new update. I was confused when I saw it was a spreadsheet/not-spreadsheet program.

I am having so much fun with Coda. I am a senior in high school taking classes at community college, and Coda has helped me to organize my life. The interface is simple and so fun to use that I want to start making all of my documents in Coda. Then, if for any reason I want to turn that document into something interactive and alive, I have that option.

The first document I made in Coda was a to-do list to keep track of my school assignments and deadlines. In a few minutes, I created an app as powerful as any to-do list app you can find on the app store, and on top of that it was customized to my liking. I even made it so if the due date was approaching, the task would turn orange, and if the due date was that day, the task would turn red. All that with basically just a few clicks. And the best part is I can now add any features I want. For example, my next idea is automation. Taking the info from a weekly schedule, and automatically making that day's to dos into a new list.

I have had early access to Coda for just a week, but I have already created so much, and my imagination is the only limit. Now that it has been launched to the public, I can't wait to see what other people will create with it.


The interface is clean, beautiful, and simple to use, which makes being productive fun.


It doesn't support iOS yet.

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I'm a Junior in HS taking classes at a community college xD.

The first demo was kinda mind-boggling. Many more people are programmers than think they are - ever put a formula into an excel doc? A3 = A1 + A2. Congrats, you are a programmer.

Part of what makes excel and spreadsheets such a universal tool is the micro-programming anyone can do and therefore incredibly powerful.

So imagine if you brought that power to everything outside of spreadsheets. And reinvented spreadsheets too.

Take micro-programming and applied it to everything, suddenly you could do what feels like magic things for a document to be able to do. Reading through a few of the other reviews, that's why non-app developers are saying things like "it's my to-do list app that I created myself".

I'm thrilled to see where the journey goes from here.


Docs, sheets, apps, data ... it's all of them.


Insanely ambitious

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Sorry, what do you mean as ambition as a con?
Excited to play around as it feels like it might be a combination of Trello and Airtable No invitation yet :-(
Huge congrats Shishir and team!! Coda was one of the first teams to fully adopt Figma (before we even launched our beta!) so I've been lucky to get a front row seat to their development over time. It's an incredibly exciting product and the vision is incredible. Shishir is an expert at building platforms and this orientation manifests all across the product; if you spend the time to learn it, Coda is the sort of tool you can use to accomplish anything. We have tons of projects we are dying to use Coda for at Figma... super excited to dive in and get started!
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Thanks @zoink! As you mentioned, we were lucky enough to be included in the early Figma beta - similar stage to what Coda is at now - and it's been awesome to see the amazing things people can do with Figma here. Looking forward to seeing a similar level of creativity with Coda!