At Linear, we are creating software for teams who want to build high quality products. Linear helps to streamline your team’s software projects, sprints and tasks. Integrated with Github, Gitlab, Figma and Slack. On MacOS, Web and Mobile.
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Hey everyone! Excited to be opening Linear access for all and to share this with the Product Hunt community! We built Linear as we’re frustrated the practices and the available tools when it came to managing software projects. We wanted to re-envision a new standard for creating and maintaining software and share our thinking and tooling with all companies. Our vision is to create a more enjoyable and efficient way to manage software development. The past year, we've been refining the product with hundreds of companies in our private beta. On the product side of things, we streamlined the UI and UX to a level you would expect from a professional tool. We made everything instant–there is no loading or waiting in Linear. Everything is synced to the client, which also means Linear works offline both on the macOS app and on the browser. In addition to the product, we also want to think about practices we have when it comes to building software. The things we do but don't actually help us build. As many of us transition to the remote age, we see new opportunities for ways of doing things and lightweight ways for guidance and forming habits become increasing important. Real change from tools come when it creates new habits and changes our behaviors. We hope you join the Linear community and help us refine how software development is done. Our announcement post:
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I'm also happy to answers questions from the community around designing or building products and companies. We have been building the product initially with 3 people (1 designer, 2 eng) and team of 7 you see listed here. We also started Linear as fully distributed company. Our team is located in California, New York and Finland.
We've been using Linear and loving it for months now. Super solid, thoughtfully designed, high quality. @karrisaarinen congrats to you and the team.
@tonydevincenzi Thank you Tony! :)
We've used Linear for a few weeks. The week we introduced it, our team became so much more productive - we completed issues just so we could use Linear, it's such a well designed product. Highly recommend to any development team.
@phineas Thank you for the kind words! Glad it made such an impact on your work!
We’ve been using Linear for ~7 months, it’s honestly a breath of fresh air. They’ve made issue tracking and getting work done fun.
@femiaw Thank you! This what want to hear. We want people to enjoy their tools and feel like the a drag for energy or productivity
My team tested Linear and it's honestly what's been missing from development workflows for years. It is the antithesis to Jira in all the right ways – opinionated instead of needing miles of configuration, fast AF, and friendly to engineers and POs alike. Teammates compared writing posts to writing on Medium. People who previously never really clicked with Agile saw the visual cycles and "got it" immediately. Data points that were previously somewhat of a heap suddenly became clear and useful. Highly recommend, especially to teams that (1) have a lot of tasks and (2) are considering / actively practicing scrum, but found Jira too intimidating. This is *the* tool that doesn't get in the way.
@nickisnoble Thank you for sharing! This is great feedback to share and something we've been striving for. Many these kind tools can feel really overwhelming to the team members so we want to make it as intuitive as possible but allow learning and adding power to the tool over time.