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What is your favorite new tab replacement extension on Chrome?

I've used Momentum forever and want a change :) I've also used Product Hunt's but I get notifications/ am always on the website anyways.
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    Muzli 2

    All the design inspiration you need

    All the design inspiration you need.
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    Be Limitless
    Ha, I use Momentum too! Here's another one I've used. It gives you some useful analytics about the way you spend your time online. It's a bit more stressful, but probably more effective in terms of achieving your daily goals!
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    Replace new tab screen with current time and weather

    I replaced Momentum with Currently last year. It gives you basic info like Momentum does, but my favorite feature is the 5 day forecast, which I always like to keep in the back of my mind.
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    Speed Dial 2
    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit AgrawalCo-Founder at Tars ( · Written
    Let's you set your own set of sites that you visit often. It's not very inspirational, but it solves a purpose. Although if you are not careful with the sites you put as Speed Dial, it can also be very distracting. Use with caution.
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    A modern bookmarks and tabs manager ✨

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ 💜 · Written
    Guillaume Bardet made this product
    I will go ahead and shamelessly mention the bookmarks and tabs manager I have been working on. :) We are always working on improving the product and making sure our users are happy with the extension. If you are looking for a bookmark and tabs manager, and you are familiar with boards and columns similar to Trello, Qlearly might be an extension you will find interesting!
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    Earth View (Google Maps)

    Load a gorgeous satellite image in every new Chrome tab

    Also this one I haven't used in a while. It's not goal driven, doesn't make you more productive, but it's beautiful and relaxing.
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    Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts.

    Giacomo Lawrance
    Giacomo LawranceAuthor of · Written
    A great tool that lets you quickly jot things down!