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Saif AL Essai
Hey, Product Hunt community! 👋 I'm thrilled to introduce Bubbl, a game-changing widget that directly brings your closest friends' thoughts and statuses to your Home Screen. It's like having a personalized sticky note from your loved ones right on your phone, ready to brighten your day whenever you unlock your screen. Here's the lowdown on how Bubbl works: - Add the Bubbl widget to your Home Screen: It's super easy to set up. - Instant notes from friends: When your friend sends a custom note, it pops up on your Bubbl widget, keeping you connected in real time. - Share your own React and reminisce n notes: Tap into the widget, craft your message, and hit send. Your friends will see it on their Home Screens just like that! For your inner circle: - Keep it tight: You can only add up to 20 friends on Bubbl, so it's all about quality over quantity. - No follower count stress: Forget about numbers; just add your closest friends and family and enjoy the moment. - Be real, be you: Bubbl is a space to share your authentic thoughts without the pressure of likes or filters. - Send reactions: Show your friends some love with Bubbl reactions. It's a delightful way to let them know you've seen their note. - Build memories: Every note shared adds to your history, capturing those special moments to cherish later. Personalize your experience: - Dedicated widgets: Decorate your Home Screen with widgets for your bestie or crush, each filled with notes from that special someone. - Customize your feed: Choose who appears in each widget and enjoy notes tailored just for you. Best part: Bubbl is completely free! Download it from the app store now to connect with the people who matter most in your life. I'd personally love to hear your questions, feedback, and comments. ✨ We are open to any suggestions. Let's make staying connected a breeze. 🌟📱
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