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πŸŽ™ Record a Product Hunt Radio podcast w/ @suzywillow and @sophiaamoruso

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Last attempt was canceled due to a delayed flight :(
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@rrhoover Oh no, sorry your flight was canceled. Hope you guys get to work it out, this episode will probably be my favorite yet! @sophiaamoruso book, girlboss is strikingly similar to my life. The girlboss radio podcast stories inspired me to start another business and be serious about it. So exciting :D
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@nayamoss we made it happen! We'll publish late Sept or Oct. :)
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@rrhoover Awesome, can't wait! :D
@rrhoover how did you tag PH users in goal statement? i tried and doesn't work :) is it still under test?
@go_rishi we don't offer search-as-you-type results yet but you can simply @mention them.
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