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A tiny app that lives in your menu bar πŸ“±πŸ‘ΎπŸ“šπŸŽ§



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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Fun fact: the Mac app is one of those most popular Topics on Product Hunt and over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of interest specifically in menu bar apps. So, my teammate, @DeVladinci, encouraged us to build one.

The app is super simple, delivering popular products, games, books, and podcasts from your menu bar (see settings to control the firehose 😁). A subtle notification counter increments when new things are trending, surfacing posts at the top of the feed with a red dot.

This isn’t the first Product Hunt Mac app β€” several people in the community have created different variations which is part of the inspiration for open sourcing the app so others can improve it with us. It’s on GitHub.

Anyway, let us know what you think and major props to @DeVladinci and @sethbwilliams!
Ben TossellΒ β€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
@rrhoover @devladinci @sethbwilliams woohoo!

Love how @mattnavara mentioned this in the Facebook Live with @loic the other week haha
tom meagherΒ β€” now is good.
Ouriel OhayonΒ β€” appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
@rrhoover @devladinci @sethbwilliams Great. would love to have the ability to see the number of upvote more obvisouly (like on website). Clear gray is a little difficult to read
Noah TsutsuiΒ β€” Lead UX Designer, IMVU
@rrhoover agree with this. I would seriously appreciate someone writing a tutorial walkthrough on making these apps with Swift.
Vladimir VladimirovΒ β€” iOS Developer @ Product Hunt
@tomfme yeah we decided to go pure swift on this one, and actually payed out very well.
Rabi GuptaΒ β€” Cofounder Eva bot @Vizzi
@rrhoover @devladinci @sethbwilliams haha lucky for me you guys hunted this along with @vidzy. Wanna say thanks to someone? Send out beers and Philz coffees using Vidzy :)
Ben RubinΒ β€” Co-founder, Life On Air Inc
Rami HabalΒ β€” entrepreneur
@rrhoover @devladinci @sethbwilliams Ryan - great move to open source it. Congrats, looking forward to using it.
Abinash MohantyΒ β€” UX Lead @ii5 Global - 1Group
@rrhoover @devladinci @sethbwilliams Awesome and superb! Just installed :)
@devladinci @tomfme @rrhoover I thought it would be built on Electron. That's what a lot of web based companies do when they make a desktop client. Proves you guys are hard-core!
TonΒ β€” Mac'aholic
@rrhoover Where do we file feature requests? Would love to see a 'The Hunt' type of menu bar icon coloring for new hunts. It's crowded here in the MB space, so a visual clue besides the number of new hunts would make PH for Mac a tad bit easier to monitor..
Damir DulicΒ β€” Freelancer
Why do you want to destroy my productivity :/

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