Product Hunt Events is a directory of the best tech events around the world. Explore events in your city and meet fellow Product Hunt community members IRL.

If you'd like to host a Product Hunt meetup in your city, let us know.

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Meetups have been a big part of Product Hunt since the beginning. To date we’ve seen over 500 community-led meetups around the world, from Toronto to Hong Kong. Today we’re introducing a directory of tech events, which include notable conferences like Web Summit and community-led Product Hunt meetups. I’m personally very thankful for everyone that’s taken the effort to bring the PH community together in their city. This video from Amsterdam in 2014 made me tear up. If you’re interested in hosting a meetup in your city, let us know. If you’re interested in adding your upcoming event to the directory, share your details. Over the following days we’ll be adding more meetups and events (look out for exclusive ticket discounts). You'll also be able to discover who in the PH community is interested in upcoming events. Events with a yellow highlight (e.g. RepubliCon, Web Summit, Synapse, Slush) are promoted and will be featured in the PH newsletter. In full transparency, PH Events isn’t just a way for us to encourage the community to meetup offline but it’s also a revenue channel. Feedback/questions/crazy ideas!? Share in the comments here. 😊
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@rrhoover will that revenue largely come through sponsored event listings or through other kinds of promotions or affiliations?
@chrismessina we're making good money already through promoted products, jobs, and Ship. We'll be profitable this year and PH Events will help us reach that goal, but we don't expect it to be a massive money-maker.
I'm so excited this is finally here, its so hard to keep up with all the tech and startup events happening. I end up checking a number of platforms to keep up and get a sense of what's good. Since I already spend most of my time on PH, its nice to have one less reason to leave the site 😄
Super cool! Fills a needed niche in the plethora of tech events. I think the key to making this awesome will be event curation and Hunter connection IRL. There are so many events and meetups that it's hard to know in advance which will be valuable to attend. In addition to upvote style "I'm interested," some sorting would be helpful. Also, once Hunters are attending an event, it'd be great to be able to connect with them there and have that be enabled by the Events. For instance, TechCrunch Disrupt is fun but huge - I am always looking for ways to engage others with similar interests at events like that. Doing so through PH Events would be a perfect way to do that.
@gil_akos we're considering adding collections of events that could include a curated list of SXSW events or talks to make it easier for people in the PH community to meet at these larger conferences.
Congrats on the launch! Makes a lot of sense — but I do hope you're able to grow the team to continue building and maintaining the quality of all these mini-apps that support the community! Or course there have been so many event directories created in the past that have died off, it'd be a shame to see this start off strong and follow the same path... A few pie-in-the-sky suggestions: 1. Tools for organizers I can imagine that this tool could work a lot like the Upcoming pages for events... to drive demand for future events and allow that demand to shape the contours and content of the event. It already works for products, and aren't events just a time-bound product experience? 2. iCal Feed Would be nice to export this list of events (eventually with filters) via iCal feeds. Facebook and Techmeme both offer this. 3. Speaker info Would be great to see which PH Makers will be speaking at events — and to include that information on their PH or Angelist profiles. @natbat and @simonwillison's Lanyrd once served this purpose, but it appears that Eventbrite shut it down after its acquisition. 4. Presentations There are existing services like Speakerdeck, Speakerdex, Slideshare, etc, that allow you to publish your decks, but it'd be cool if there were such an archive of events on PH to also include media from the events, including presentations. 5. Action links / Ticketing As Facebook moves to make Pages more action-centric, it seems like PH Event pages could be similarly action-oriented. Granted, the current release is an MVP, it would make this feature more useful to carve out specific event-only actions like getting tickets (handled by a third party like Eventbrite, etc). 6. Learn from et al I would have hoped that @waxpancake's would have lived to see another day, and indeed it's returned, but just doesn't seem to have the same community traction that Facebook Events and Eventbrite now have. It is, at least, open source.
@chrismessina always love and appreciate your feedback, Chris. 🙏🏼 We launched Events in its most minimal state (as you can see) so that we can start getting feedback and ideas from the community to expand next. Comments like this are gold. 1. Love the idea of offering more tooling for organizers. We don't want to replace Eventbrite, Facebook events, and other ticketing tools, but we could do a better job of equipping meetup hosts with software to attract attendees within the PH community. 2. The iCal feed would be a strong retention hook, although I'm unsure how many people would go through the effort. We need to provide a significant amount of value for people to convert, imho. I'll think on this and ideas welcome! 3. Speaker info is a great idea and would enable us to tap into the PH graph. If John Doe is speaking and I follow John Doe, I'd love to know that. I'd also like to add the hosts more explicitly here.
@rrhoover yeah, I agree that other platforms are better suited for dealing with ticketing and event management, etc. I'm particularly interested in how Product Hunt could treat Events as special kinds of Products — hooking into the existing graph and highlighting relevant activities from event organizers, presenters, and attendees. It'd be interesting to see products that I've upvoted that will be represented at events too... like you can imagine I'd get notified about Slack's annual developer event if I've upvoted any Slack products, etc. Re iCal — seems like it's a relatively cheap feature to build... I subscribe to my Facebook Events and Techmeme events in Google Calendar and Fantastical — so I always have some visibility about upcoming events from those sources w/o having to remember to check the web to see their listings. It also makes it easy for me to copy event details to my calendar and then invite people to it who don't use those platforms. Anyway, just a vote for that feature.
I Think Great Idea, lets go do it)