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Last month we shared a preview of a big update to producthunt.com (thanks for all your feedback). Soon, we’ll have a beta to share with a small group of friends (proof!). If you’re interested in playing with something new, joining our private Slack group, and helping us build the future of Product Hunt, apply to our Super Top Secret Ξ². In the meantime, I'd love to hear your ideas. What would you like to see on Product Hunt? (crazy ideas encouraged πŸ˜€)
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@rrhoover I'd love a bridge outside of the techo chamber. Not sure what that would look like, but I feel like the things I see on PH are well curated versions of things I'm going to see eventually through my normal channels. There's a whole world out there that PH's curation could introduce me to.
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@rrhoover A crowdfunding section would be cool, as a way to discover interesting Kickstarter, etc projects to back
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@jasoncrawford @rrhoover Totally agree! I've hunted a few Kickstarter projects and would definitely love to see these in a separate section. Perhaps tags could be used to filter things like this?
@rrhoover personally, better search and the ability to schedule hunts.
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@rrhoover Would be great to surface some comments from hunted products. See what people are actually saying about the products hunted today not just the voting...
More clarity on how products make it to the front page, and what happens when a regular user posts a product vs designated curators.
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@benjiwheeler 100% agree. We've thought a lot about it and are inching our way toward something new but it's also one of the more "risky" changes. It's not as simple as opening it up to everyone -- doing so would result in hundreds of posts on the frontpage.
@rrhoover @benjiwheeler You could then "paginate" your front page, kinda like hacker news. Where selected product go to the front but if a user clicks "more", they could see the other user submitted products. These products could then be ranked by votes or a combination of metrics.
@rrhoover The care in what gets to the front page is a crucial part of what makes PH a great experience, but sometimes the way that's working seems very opaque, especially when creators post "how i became top 10 all time on PH" posts that seem completely out of step with what PH tells creators to do on the FAQ
@frazras @benjiwheeler we have an upcoming section and products that don't get a ton of love are collapsed behind a "see more" link.
(crazy idea) change commenting completely: organize into "maker questions"/"product suggestions"/"general discussion"/"bugs and problems". set up key generation. remember BEME? that discussion was 200 messages of people asking for keys. 😷. it'd be very cool, albeit difficult, to have a company (BEME, for example) give PH 200 keys to be raffled off among the community.
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@rometty_ LOVE the idea of creating context and different experiences around comments. @jsneedles once suggested we add polls. We could add formal reviews too. What else!?
@rometty_ This is a brilliant idea and would allow certain people with different interests and skillsets to comment, providing more streamline organised comments.
@rrhoover @rometty_ Polls for makers would be amazing. Structured by the maker, in a simple fashion (I referenced strawpoll.me as an example)
@rrhoover a sleek & updated mobile app would be lovely. πŸ“ˆ
@rometty_ BIG update coming to the iOS app. I'm not happy with what we have now.
A PH Tech Expo held each year with the top 100 voted products invited to showcase their products! In London of course ;)
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@samdickie87 haha, that would be fun. I've never been to London!
@rrhoover you should head over for the Product Hunt Hackathon in London on the 6th November! (guest appearance) Convince him @bentossell
@thisdickie Come to sunny Florida πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸΉπŸŒ΄ or do regionals with a global domination throw down in Florida. Can't blame a girl for trying, I love it here.
A crowdfunding section aimed at the cat community to help them fund their gif habits.
@hrishio this has been suggested many times and I'm confident a subset of the PH community would use and love it; however, I'm not sure it's the most important thing for us to build or something even the majority of PH users will regularly use. I could be wrong though!
@hrishio makermvp.com :)