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We are very happy to announce that Product Hunt is now available for the Google Assistant. 🚀 Just say "Ok Google, talk to Product Hunt" to your Google Home device and you will get the top products for the day. See it in action here: - https://twitter.com/Nivo0o0/stat... - https://twitter.com/stvmcg/statu... - https://twitter.com/ManeeshJunej... Exploring and building for the Google Assistant was a lot of fun. Many thanks to the amazing team at Google and especially Chris Reade, Naomi Makofsky and Minh Nguyen. Eager to get everyone's feedback! Happy holidays!
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@vesln great job! love using it so far :)
@vesln adding one more video from Twitter, "Emojis in AI 👏" lol https://twitter.com/sleumasm/sta...
@vesln Nice work! Used it right away and it was pretty meta 😏
@vesln even works with my British accent :-) thanks for citing my test of it.
Great work, @vesln and thanks for the support, Naomi, Minh, Chris, and Vera on the Google team. Watch the new Google Home topic for more creative integrations. Audio-based interfaces will have a big role in how we interact with technology and communicate in the coming years.
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@rrhoover what about producthunt for alexa
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@iamhasana srsly. I have 4 Alexas now, so I'm not going be investing in a google assistant anytime soon unless it's drastically different. They were just too late to the party. Something has to be said for good product that's early-- and like its retail division, Amazon delivered on time.
@nassaraf yeh, I have 2. I agree with your opinion hence why I am asking for Product hunt on that platform
@iamhasana totes. I'm backing you, bud. ✌️
Really cool! I saw a video on Twitter and it was really impressive.