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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
We just launched our first Slack bot. A few people in the community have made awesome PH-powered bots already, like @hellobrent’s Product Slack which sends you the day’s top upvoted posts and @suruwat’s Cowboy bot that gives you the ability to search Product Hunt within Slack. We decided to extend Topics, which we launched a few months ago, and create a bot to help makers, reporters, investors, and teams stay up-to-date with what’s launching in their industry.

Add Kittybot to your Slack here and select one or more topics you’d like to follow, including Bots, Internet of Things, Drones, Virtual Reality, Developer Tools, Venture Capital, Open Source and a bunch of others.

Eager to get everyone’s feedback!

P.S. we’ll send a PH Swag Pack one to discover the cat-related easter egg. 😸
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@rrhoover Perfect timing for our latest topic:

Ian Mikutel — PM Lead, Microsoft OneNote
@rrhoover Awesome idea @rrhoover How was the process developing a Slack bot? Any plans to bring it to other bot channels like Messenger or Skype? 😺
Andrey Nikishaev — CEO at Kudos (
@rrhoover @hellobrent @suruwat that really nice)))
Alex Hunte — Co-founder at LyteSpark
@bentossell @rrhoover We are loving this topic too. Totally converted to Slack and love integrations (and bots) that make it even more useful.
León Hernández — Tech and dreamer guy
@rrhoover @hellobrent Does this bot monitor for someone hunting your URL? That would be an amaaaazing feature for Kittybot!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@ianmikutel -- we're definitely considering it. We built the bot specifically for Slack, a place where people communicate with their team. In comparison, Facebook Messenger is very different. It's more about communicating with your friend and family. If and when we expand to that platform, we'll likely introduce different functionality for that audience and context.

@leonfhl -- not at the moment but we've talked about adding URL monitoring!
Vishal Telangre — Software Engineer at BigBinary
@creotiv Thanks!
@rrhoover @hellobrent @suruwat How do I invite Kittybot to different channels or to change channels? Can't seem to access the slack channel list anywhere...
Austin Smith — GM @
@rrhoover I think you might have given away the cat-related Easter egg in you screenshot above. 😀
Tony Anastasi — Filmmaker, works with startups in China.
@bentossell @rrhoover bots eh ?...

so bots eh ?...
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@zaheer_merali unfortunately Slack doesn't support the ability to move the app to different channels. To do so, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall Kittybot.
@rrhoover Thanks. Tried that - removed the app from Slack (using configure apps page for my team) but get stuck in a loop after I click on Add Kittybot to Slack where it takes me directly to the Topic selection rather than asking for which Slack team to connect with
Alexander Khanukov — CX/UX strategist, nascent entrepreneur
@rrhoover Any more info you want to voluntarily dish up, with regards to what I've found to be the hardest parts of bot development, if not coming from a devops background: security, uptime monitoring, and scaling. Thanks in advance! And congrats on the launch!
Dan Flanegan — Co-Founder, Butter
@tony_anastasi Personal anxiety +5
Aditya Shirole — Student
@zaheer_merali @rrhoover You have to select the topics which you want Kittybot to monitor for you first. Then you connect a slack team. Tried that?
@aditya_shirole Yes, I did.
@rrhoover It's fixed now. Thanks
@zaheer_merali @rrhoover @hellobrent @suruwat Having the same issue! I removed the app, now can't reinstall!
Mike Heininger — Co-Founder, Yodel
@zaheer_merali @rrhoover have the same problem over here …
Christoph Schachner — ready2order, Growth
@rrhoover @hellobrent @suruwat Now it is offical. I can finally use Slack for everything.
Chris Calmeyn — Co-founder of Scout
Product Hunt everywhere! And you get a Product Hunt bot, and you get a Product Hunt bot!

Jayne Bayquen — Web Developer + Graphic Designer, JKD
@calc lol yesss!!!!
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