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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Last week we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Today, we’re making the biggest update to the site to date. We’re calling it “Product Hunt 2.0” — a reimagined homepage of more than just the day’s top upvoted tech products.

Now you’ll find all the channels (tech, games, books, podcasts, and more coming soon) in one place, cool Collections you might want to follow, upcoming LIVE Chats, and popular products you may have missed. This direction gives us a lot more flexibility to personalize the homepage and surface activity from your friends.

Ultimately, we’re building a place for you to discover and geek out about your next favorite thing.

Today’s launch isn’t surprising to many of you that helped build it. Thanks to all the beta testers that provided feedback and ideas. You rock.

Note that Product Hunt 2.0 is opt-in, meaning you can continue using the “old” homepage which is accessible at

P.S. remember when Product Hunt looked like this? 😉

Marek Hrabe — Founder at Mockuuups. Previously Avocode
@rrhoover I do remember! You've come a long way to this, congrats :)
Jaime Macias — Product @boost.
@rrhoover congrats. Would be interested in hearing how you've balanced adding new channels with preserving the original intent?
adam mashaal — Founder of Being & Mashfeed
@rrhoover congrats! Happy to have been part of the beta. Excited to see this live in the wild 😸
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
@rrhoover Lookin good! I like that the other sections will get more front page love :)
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
@rrhoover congrats. like i said a month ago: the app store for the web :)
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@ourielohayon 😉👍
Eric Metelka — Product Manager, PowerReviews
@rrhoover why the opt in? Are you planning to retire tech as the default homepage at some point?
Cem Kozinoglu — CEO/Founder @SlashKeyboard
@rrhoover congrats! 💪👏😀
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
@eric3000 at some point we'll have one homepage for everyone but first we'd like to get more feedback and see how people use it.
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@rrhoover hey congrats to you for really visioning this thing out and your team for building it. Its been fun watching you grow for the last 2 years.
Daniel Stahl — Junior Web Developer, Extensions Plus
@rrhoover Woohoo looking good. Functioning great!
Dipti Desai — Product Manager
@rrhoover Love this! Any plans to move away from reliance on the Twitter integration? My Twitter account has been hacked 7 times in the last six months, so I don't plan on keeping that account active much longer.
Yvo Schaap — CTO / Entrepreneur / Developer
@rrhoover congrats !
Zaigham  — Z
@rrhoover It's been fun and a pleasure to watch the ride take place. :)
v i © — Consultant at PGE
@rrhoover congrats 👍🏻 & well done to the team!
Braden Hamm — Designer / Founder
@rrhoover I miss when it looked like this. Simpler times.
Abinash Mohanty — UX Lead @ii5 Global - 1Group
@rrhoover I love the 2.0 Product Hunt. I even liked how you integrated play/pause button where the "GET IT" button on the top under podcast section. That's superb experience.
Ayrton De Craene — Code @ Product Hunt
@ddesaid we're experimenting with other options 😊
Scott Ruona — Marketing Analyst
@ProductHunt I love secrets.

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