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#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 13, 2018

Ship 2.0 is a toolkit to help makers ship awesome products. Use it to create a beautiful landing page in 60 seconds, build an email list for your upcoming launches, communicate with your beta users, survey your community, and more.

Signup for one of our Pro plans and get up to $7,500 in free AWS credits and instant access to Stripe Atlas.


Luke Oslizlo
Paweł Magiera
Thiago Ricieri
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  • Shreyas Jothish
    Shreyas JothishSocial Product Inventor

    Monthly subscriptions are better for products needing short term ship features.


    Annual subscription does not include the exclusions clearly.

    1. 7 day free trail deducted money instantly and now on changing the plan results in processing fee overhead. I lost some money due to this for Credit card processing.

    2. Stripe Atlas and Stripe Processing Credit seems more like click bait. $500 for Stripe Atlas and limit for each type of subscription should be clearly mentioned in Product Hunt website.

    3. AWS credit being conditional should be clearly mentioned in Product Hunt website.

    Shreyas Jothish has used this product for one week.


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Ryan HooverMakerPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
A lot has changed since we launched Ship 1.0, nearly a year ago. Since then, thousands of makers have used it to build an audience and communicate with over 2,000,000 early adopters. A few popular projects (like this one) use Ship to build a waitlist of more than 55,000 subscribers. We’ve learned a TON from their feedback. This big update includes: ✅ New tools. Now you can create a Chat room with your community, useful for managing a small beta group or gathering feedback on a new feature. ✅ More customization. The most popular feature of Ship is our landing page creator, but some makers wanted to personalize their page even further. Now you can choose from three templates and customize everything from the background image to the button color to match your brand. ✅ AWS and Stripe perks. Those on Pro plans can unlock up to $7,500 in free AWS credits and instant access to Stripe Atlas + zero fees on the first $50,000 of transactions. Our goal is to offer a single toolset to help makers build an audience, speak with their community, and ultimately ship better products. We’d love your feedback and feature suggestions. P.S. The first person to spot the Doug reference in the video gets free Ship kitty stickers. Reply here once you've spotted it. 😉
Seth Louey
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
@rrhoover love seeing @mubashariqbal & @robjama in the video. Congrats on the launch
Yvo Schaap
Yvo Schaap@yvoschaap · CTO by day, hacker by night
@rrhoover Sounds like some great improvements. Will try again (when I'm ready ;))
Ryan HooverMakerPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@yvoschaap feedback welcome! Something I didn't mention that you might find useful: We're also introducing a way for you and your team (if you're working with multiple people) to share a public roadmap/list of goal for each projects. More on that in a few weeks. 😉
Smit Patel
Smit Patel@thesmitpatel · Author, Learn to Hustle
@rrhoover Congrats on the launch! The community features are $$ IMHO.
Boris Berenberg
Boris Berenberg@imatincr · Atlas Authority
@rrhoover Default email address on signup in mail form ;)
Radoslav StankovMakerPro@rstankov · Tech @ Product Hunt
At Product Hunt we often use emojis as code names for projects. The emoji for Ship 2.0 was 🛥
Dayal@dayaldave · Freelance UI/UX Designer
@rstankov Hey, Gotta say that I'm not able to see you people's Emoji on my Windows & Android devices..!!!
Youssef KH
Youssef KH@ucefkh · CEO & Founder of 01TEK
@rstankov why not 🍆?
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
@rstankov @ucefkh Steady on now... 😏
Youssef KH
Youssef KH@ucefkh · CEO & Founder of 01TEK
@rstankov @itsnblackburn I guess 🍑 is better 😅
Radoslav StankovMakerPro@rstankov · Tech @ Product Hunt
@itsnblackburn @ucefkh 🍑 is for an other project
Ayrton De Craene
Ayrton De Craene@ayrton · Code @ Clearbit
Nice video 😎
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@ayrton how was the video made? any nifty tools?
Ryan HooverMakerPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@bentossell it was made by two awesome folks in the PH community: @lukaszmtw and @pawelmag in Poland
Aleksandr Volodarsky
Aleksandr Volodarsky@volodarik · CEO @ CodingNinjas
@rrhoover thanks, will check them out.
Biraj Ghosh
Biraj Ghosh@biraj · Making beautiful products
The video was sexy af
Corentin@corentin521 · Engineering student, IT major
Awesome video for an awesome product !