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Alex Carter — Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
Hi, I'm Alex and I love podcasts. I'm excited because I think there's a lot that can be done to improve podcast discovery and sharing. That's why I created Knomad, a social podcast app for the iPhone, and why I joined the Product Hunt team to lead our newest category: Podcasts!

Now you can:
- Post podcast episodes
- Make collections of podcast episodes and share them with friends
- LIVE Chat with your favorite podcasters
- Listen to podcasts on the PH website

For more info, check out our Medium post:

Please leave your feedback here!
Julian Miller — Founder @Learnmetrics
@alexcartaz this is freaking amazing. Welcome and excited to see where you take it =)
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I had the pleasure of joining @brian_lovin and @uberbryn on Design Details podcast (airing next week) yesterday. They asked why we're expanding to Podcasts. I half-joked: "Because I wanted it." 😊

Great job, team. This will be fun.
Paul Jarvis — designer, writer.
@rrhoover This is awesome! And if ya'll are looking for podcasters for live chats, I'd throw my hat in the ring.
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