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Hi, I'm Alex and I love podcasts. I'm excited because I think there's a lot that can be done to improve podcast discovery and sharing. That's why I created Knomad, a social podcast app for the iPhone, and why I joined the Product Hunt team to lead our newest category: Podcasts! Now you can: - Post podcast episodes - Make collections of podcast episodes and share them with friends - LIVE Chat with your favorite podcasters - Listen to podcasts on the PH website For more info, check out our Medium post: https://medium.com/@AlexCartaz/i... Please leave your feedback here!
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@alexcartaz this is freaking amazing. Welcome and excited to see where you take it =)
I had the pleasure of joining @brian_lovin and @uberbryn on Design Details podcast (airing next week) yesterday. They asked why we're expanding to Podcasts. I half-joked: "Because I wanted it." 😊 Great job, team. This will be fun.
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@rrhoover This is awesome! And if ya'll are looking for podcasters for live chats, I'd throw my hat in the ring.
Been poking the beta a bit this last week and I think this is a strong category for PH. Podcasts need curation badly, and at the episode level. Really looking forward to what the community surfaces. Congrats to the team!
@dshan totally agree. There have been lots of times when I tell someone about a specific episode, but it's a bit daunting for the other person to just start diving into all the episodes to find the gems.
@dshan I didn't "get it" when I thought it was for an entire podcast. At the episode level of granularity it makes perfect sense. Excited for the amazing collections that will come out of this.
@dshan thanks guys we're really excited too! glad you're liking it so far. Podcasts are always challenging and I'm sure we'll face a lot of hurtles (tech, features, etc.) making curation and sharing work smoothly, but I'm excited to see where we can it =)
Been using this for a week and love the way it surfaces podcasts I never would listen to normally. Play it within product hunt is super added feature.
Just need to add it into the mobile app now @alexcartaz with offline playback or add podcasts to overcast app.
@imrat we're working on bridging the gap for the mobile experience. we want to make it easy to play an episode you find on Product Hunt in your podcast app of choice!
@imrat Yes! +1 for adding it to the app and making it available for playing offline.
I've been using the podcasts section for about a week, and I'll echo what others have already said: it's great! Something I'd love to see is the ability to highlight a preview clip for episodes. Allow the submitter or other users to highlight sections of an episode up to say 90 seconds that are particularly insightful / funny / etc. When you have episodes that are fairly long and often start with 5 to 10 minutes of advertisements and irrelevant babbling, it makes it harder for someone to give it a shot. A good, representative preview clip could really help.
@jasonmcamps I think this would be fantastic and totally makes sense, much like how YouTube can share via a given time