Product Hunt Swag Pack

6 kitty stickers and tattoos!

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Damir Dulic
@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @ ICBTech
Pleaseee Europe :( It fits in an envelope. I need 10 of these
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
That time I convinced @loic to put a tattoo on his forehead:
@grizzwithak · Frequent Upvoter - Sometimes Submitter
I'm holding out for the Product Hunt pug VR mascot to make a comeback - free the pug!!
Edvins Antonovs
@edvins_antonovs · Software Developer
Julian Guderley
@julianguderley · Director of Communications, TicTalking
hilarious! absolute must haves! send us some! OG cat for @TicTalking