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🏠 Hire a handy (wo)man to hang art, replace light, etc. at my condo

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I'd do it if I had the equipment. Hard to hang art 15 feet above without a ladder.
@rrhoover this could be a great opportunity to ask your dad and whilst hang out with him. That's what I usually do πŸ˜„
@ayrton harder to pull off when dad's in Oregon. Request for product: teleportation machine!
Hi @rrhoover, still need help with this? Used to work in a gallery and would be happy to assist.
@gil_akos thanks for offering, Gil! I haven't started searching yet. I might check TaskRabbit or Thumbtack but recommendations welcome! I live in SF.
@rrhoover I have the equipment and would be happy to do it myself if that's of interest (for free of course). That'd be the least I could do for all of your support.
@rrhoover Please tell me you have managed this now?
@mrsimonbennett I'm procrastinating πŸ˜…
@rrhoover no woman no art, no woman no light
@rrhoover I'll do it for free if you cover the flight ;)
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@nabeenam haha, too kind!
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