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πŸ€— Invest in 38th startup

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@rrhoover That's really amazing Ryan! Curious what do you look for when you invest in a start up?
@purvi_sonia_dave it's contextual but as with any early stage investment, a combination of the team, market, and traction are important factors. The details within each of those are most important. For example, I try to understand what the biggest risk is in the business and how uniquely equipped the team is to solve it. E.g. If community is the core focus of the business vision but no one on the team has illustrated an ability to do so, that would be very concerning.
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@rrhoover All very important factors to be aware of. So are you still on the hunt for your next investment or have you already decided? As an investor how involved do you get? By the way I'm fairly new to this site but it's really great what you've guys created on here.
@rrhoover , check out DeckRobot.com - AI for PowerPoint ;) we're raising SEED
@rrhoover Superb! πŸ‘