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🎙 Record podcast ad read for a sex app startup

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@rrhoover If you ever need any... help... testing out the app, I'm sure many of us would be willing to help. (obligatory jk of course)
@rrhoover This is cool. Not sure if it hits my user need but: I feel Facebook groups isn’t quite working for asking about tools / softwares. (A while back I had questions about Google App Engine, Mailchimp and list was long. And for each question I had to find a FB group that was named “Google App Engine” or “Mailchimp”) AND getting an email about Trello’s new feature, and then another email about another new thing at some other service (that I love to know about, I just hate the emails) Well If it’s maybe a place for them too, to post their new stuff for us then it’s a two way thing. Some thoughts.
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