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πŸ“š Share 5 book recommendations on Flipboard (for a special project)

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My goal is to focus on "books for makers", curating 5 books that can help people build better products.
@rrhoover This book by Tara Mohr was recommended to me by dozens of female founders so I finally read it last year and it taught me so much! It really gave me tools to combat imposter syndrome and be more attuned to myself.
@rrhoover are these going to be more obscure books that most people haven't had exposure to? What I'm really asking is this: Are you going to inc. Hooked because that's a predictable choice (not that I didn't love the material but it would be nice to see something different)
@authenticeddie it doesn't need to be obscure but it's probably better if we don't share the books everyone already knows about.
Here it is! Working with Mia at Flipboard to promote this later in May. I'll likely add a few more recommendations.