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August 12th, 2020

Twitter wants another chance
The relationship between Twitter and the developer community can be best described as complicated.

Yesterday, Twitter’s Global Lead Developer Advocate, Andy Piper announced a new Twitter API, built on a completely fresh foundation.

Twitter’s new API lets you publish and analyze Tweets, optimize ads, and create better customer experiences. From today, you can use features like access to topic annotations, filtered stream, recent search, and poll data.

This time, Twitter is not only targeting developers but also academics and businesses. The new API includes three access levels: basic (which is free), elevated, and custom.

Back in 2018, Twitter’s infamous move to restrict its API access affected some of the community’s beloved apps like Statusbrew, Crowdfire, Tweetbot, and Twitterrific.

With the launch, Twitter wants to earn your trust back and share its public roadmap and acknowledge the fact that they messed up.

“We know that it takes hard work to reach that level of excellence and that it starts and ends with listening to you, and acting upon your feedback.” Alyssa Reese, Senior Product Designer

The community responds with optimism and excitement.

“Interesting to see the API being expanded. Twitter has had a turbulent history with third-party developers and its API.” – Dwayne Charrington

Why is this good news for makers?

The API megatrend helps makers build better products on top of existing infrastructures, whether by picking a niche and serving it better or creating a new service.

With the recent launches of Apiway, Alchemy, Simple Scraper, Paragon, Magic, Let’s Enhance, Api Spreadsheets, and a lot more we’re seeing how these companies are democratizing access to APIs, appealing to even non-techy makers.

Integrations and interconnectedness between apps bring us more innovation, creating more opportunities for everyone.
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