Crowdfire 3.0

Crowdfire gets better with 8 new upgrades! ✨

#3 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2017

With lots of feedback, thoughts, ideas and support from you, today, we’re rolling out a brand new version of Crowdfire across all our mobile and web platforms! 8 new upgrades to Crowdfire. 🍾

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For someone who has never used this before, what exactly is Crowdfire? None of these media images or GIFs explain what Crowdfire does.
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@nickabouzeid It's a social media automation tool. Kind of like if Buffer and Quuu had a kid and it came out a chatbot.
@ryandimascio This version removes the bot as the centrepiece. We've been building a content recommendation engine where we bring content from around the Internet, apply machine learning so that it's tailored to your audience and then present the results to you. The content recommendations get better the more you use it.
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick! Crowdfire is a social media manager that helps you grow on all social networks. We focus on individual and small business users and not enterprises. Our main objective is to help our users save time and money while still being able to reach all their target customers. A few features that we have: 1. Content recommendation (image and articles both) 2. Twitter growth features (quite a few of them including the ability to identify target customers based on keywords as well as your competitors followers) 3. Schedulers with a smart best time algorithm that constantly learns and tweaks the best time to post 4. Ability to add RSS so that you can share posts from your favourite blogs 5. Crowdfire will automatically pull in new content from your YouTube/Shopify/Blog and help you share it. Crowdfire also makes sure that you reshare your older content periodically 6. Available on web, iOS, Android and Chrome 7. Over 17 Million users have used Crowdfire until now since our launch in 2010
@nischalshetty Very cool! Sounds like a great fit for small businesses - appreciate the explanation!
I’ve been a user since Justunfollow, I had to take a break when the api changes affected the service. The bot was ahead of its time, but I’m glad there is a deeper focus centered around these new features, seems to me like a great time to get back on board. I’ve missed using Crowdfire.
We've been working the whole of 2017 to perfect our machine learning based content recommendation (it works well for articles as well as images now!) Crowdfire learns from a variety of touch points including your audience on all social networks, the kind of articles you share and it also learns as you share or ignore the suggestions. Our objective is to save your time by making sure that you don't have to search for articles that your audience would love reading. Crowdfire does that for you. We've also introduced an RSS option such that you can add all your favorite blogs and be able to share posts from there as well. We've also made our chrome extension faster than any other share extension out there. The extension opens up the moment you click so that there's no wait time. We hope you like all the improvements and grow your business by using Crowdfire to reach your audience online.

Very helpful in community management and post automation. It gives clarity and suggestions which is quite in-line with changing twitter rules and algorithms.


Very helpful directive and automation for twitter.


Weak article discovery (suggestions for sharing external content)