Low-code visual builder for API workflows

#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 27, 2020
Paragon allows anyone to visually build API workflows. Paragon is a low-code platform that provides building blocks like triggers, database queries, and integrations that you drag and drop to create production-ready workflows - all in just minutes.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 We created Paragon with the vision of making it easier for everyone to build software - starting with API logic. Today every company is a software company, but less than 1% of people are developers. Our goal is to abstract away as much of the complexity and repetitive work of building APIs, so you can just focus on your core business logic. Paragon provides building blocks like triggers, database queries, and API integrations that you can drag and drop to visually create API workflows. You can deploy workflows in one click and visualize the flow of data through every workflow execution for easy debugging. Here's a highlight of some use cases customers have built on Paragon: 💬Find inactive users in database, send them reactivation messages 💸Generate and send Stripe invoices based on customer activity 📑Parse users' document uploads via OCR, save results to database 📆Sync users' Google Calendar events to display in your app Paragon is currently in closed beta, but we're sending out new invites every week! You can sign up on our website, then mention me in the comments below and I'll fast-track you through the waitlist :) Thank you so much and looking forward to your feedback / questions / discussion!
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@foolywk This is really cool.
@foolywk congrats Brandon and team!
@foolywk I like the sound of those middle 2 and have an idea. Looking forward to trying it out.
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Paragon is a powerful and elegant in-browser IDE for designing backend API workflows. I've been using it to enable rapid prototyping of new features for both business and personal use. It's already replaced most other automation tools for my go-to toolchain! Some features I love: - The editor doesn't require that I download/install anything to get up and running - For parallel data processing, Paragon can fan-out dynamically and handles the coordination for you - Native integrations with popular APIs (Twilio, SendGrid) - I can dive down into JavaScript whenever I need to implement custom logic Congrats on the launch @foolywk @ishthedestroyer! 🚀
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The product looks promising.
Really excited to try this for some workflows soon!
I think it's a great product. Do you have the list of supported APIs? I sent the request for subscription! Wish you a good luck with your service.
@esli_kto_to thanks Dmytro! Currently, Paragon provides native integration with Postgres, MySQL, Twilio, Sendgrid, and we're Firebase and Google Sheets this week. Paragon also supports integrating with any HTTP API, so you can connect with any service as long as they have an API, even if we don't have a native integration with them yet :)
@esli_kto_to If there's any integrations that you want that come to mind, please let us know! We're shipping out a few every week.
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